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How to drain fuel/petrol on a cbr250rr?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bbyboy, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. hi guys

    my bike has been sitting in the garage for over 4 months and has trouble starting. the battery is fine since ive been charging it. i narrowed it down to a case of bad fuel.

    the problem is how do i get the petrol out of the tank? ive had a look at the service manual but the layout is for a single R, it may be similiar but its also different. is there a screw where i can drain it out or would i just siphon it out from the top of the tank?
  2. Would be easier to just remove the fuel tank to drain it. It's pretty easy to do.
    Turn the fuel to off. Remove the seat, two bolts under rear of seat, lift off. Remove bolts from the front and back of fuel tank. Partly lift the tank and remove the fuel hose connected underneath. Place tank over a bucket and turn the fuel tap on to reserve.
  3. Do this outside. You dont want fumes building up.
  4. You could siphon it out from the top, if it leaves a little it should dilute out if you fill it right up, if thats too much work to pull it all apart. careful not to spill on paint thou. wash it off right away

    i dont know how the reserve works but just run it on reserve when you got a bit of speed so u drain out that bad stuff in there?? actually how does the reserve work?
  5. Just two feeds of different height that go into the fuel tank. The main one sits up higher than the reserve, so as the fuel level goes below the main outlet, it'll start to sputter. At this point, you switch knob over to reserve position, and it'll start using the reserve feed, which is situated lower in the fuek tank.
  6. thanks guys for the suggestions. will give it a go
  7. in that case dont worry bout runing it on reserve, if you siphon it out and top it up with fresh clean fuel should be enough to dilute the bad stuff. the 2nd refuel should run it better; alot would have diluted it heaps or be gone completely