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How to down shift according to SA Rider Safe Basic Training?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by asura117, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Do they just slipping the clutch or what? Just failed because of that shit, they only introduce on day 1, and didn't say I have a problem. I'm so used to "Normal" type of downshifting like must people tracking the bikes! I tried to learn what they teach there, but won't tell me what my problem is!!!

    Wondering what is a proper downshift mean for this stupid course.

  2. Was it during braking? If so, just change down the gears no need to release the clutch. They just want you in 1st when you have stopped.
  3. what was your version of "normal" downshifting?
  4. Pretty sure the only assessed requirement for downshift in the SA Course is when you "emergency stop". Basic steps would be as follows.

    1. Accelerate and change up to 3rd
    2. When the instructor indicates apply front and rear brakes and clutch in all in one step
    3. Shift down to first
    4. Come to a stop left foot down
    5. Pull away in 1st gear

    I was told on the course not to blip my downshifts but from 20-30kmh it's really not required to come to a full stop in 11 meters which is the assessed stopping distance.
  5. What I mean "normal" is while you are breaking, you pull in the clutch, downshift one gear, then blip the throttle to match the rev, and then release the clutch at once without upsetting the bike.

    Oh well, I just go for scooter next time, so they can't pick on my shifting.

  6. Well, what they asked us to do today was accelerate to 3rd, they break with both front and rear break then downshift to 2nd for the left turn. And accelerate back to 3rd after the corner, and break to 2nd again for one more corner, and accelerate back to 3rd and make a fully stop at the designed area.

    I can't believe that I failed a test like that with 8 years of experience motorcycling, that's why I was so upset this afternoon, but now, I decided to transfer my American motorcycle license into the SA one, don't want to go there again. Or I rather go into the ranges in the country instead.
  7. surely no need to blip throttle to change from 3rd to 2nd at those speeds?

    they probably want to see you calm and in control, rather than sounding like a boy racer :D

    if you asked them directly what the issue was, surely they would tell you?
    the trick with passing learner tests is to do exactly what they say, no more, no less.

    Day one: The first day of training covers basic motorcycle control skills, including:
    riding in a straight line
    basic braking
    gear shifting
    bike control theory.
    If the instructor determines that you have not reached the practical standard during the day you can be asked to repeat the session.
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  8. The reason I try to ask here is because they won't tell me what was exactly going on other than asking me to book in another day 2. I've been riding for 8 years in the states before I move here last winter.
  9. it was day two? maybe they thought you weren't interacting safely?
    you may have picked up some bad habits during those 8 years :D

    Day two: The second day of training involves interacting with other motorcycles on the riding range and covers more advanced motorcycle control theory and traffic skills.
    A practical skills assessment will be conducted at the end of the day.
    If you fail the courses, you are allowed two additional attempts at no extra charge.
  10. Cheers bro, oh well, do have whole bunch of bad habits to them, like I almost never using the clutch when I up shifting, but of course I didn't use any of that for the 2 whole days and didn't mention to anyone I had ridden for sometime.

    I will try again next week, but have to make sure what they exactly want this time. If fail again, I gonna transfer my American license into the SA one instead. My original thought was just to learn the rules here in OZ anyway.
  11. if you fail again, ask them politely what you were doing wrong, and how you can improve..
    they want to see smooth and in control riders that will be able to ride safely.

    when I did the NSW version, the trainers said they have the most trouble with people who have "years of experience".. who are not willing to relearn good habits and don't listen to their instructions.
    not saying that's the case for you, but they have certain expectations that need to be met to convince them that you will be safe on the road

    the worst guy in my training group claimed to have been riding for 10 years, had already bought a Harley (that he wouldn't legally be able to ride for at least a year), and didn't listen to the instructors... and he was pretty shit at doing the basics too :p
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  12. There is similar in my class too, claiming 4. 5 years of experience doing motorcross yet stall the bike all the time, but he still manage to pass the assessment though.

    They ask 3 of us that failed to leave immediately, while the rest of the group stay on to continue to actual road rules.
  13. The object is to pass their expectation of the test, what you do on the road later from previous experience is then up to you. Not sure on the SA test but in Victoria doing the test on a scooter would only give you a Auto license so you wouldn't be able to ride a standard motorcycle.

    They can not give you feedback if you are in the testing phase it needs to be done during training. Give it another go and play it straight and you should get through OK.
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  14. The testing is idiotic and the solution equally: Forget what you usually do and instead do exactly what they say. Then leave and do exactly as you please on the road. Doing it 'properly'? Doing it with mechanical sympathy? Doesn't matter just follow the instructions. Honestly the course is fcuked, you might not have much to learn.
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  15. Did you pass the attitude test.
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  16. For my course (Hart-Vic) they couldn't care less what gear you were in for the 'formal assessments' given you didn't stall it, reached minimum task speeds and had the bike safely under control. One of our group members did half the course in 1st.

    In an emergency stop they expect you stop ASAP, by pulling the clutch fully in and coming to a complete stop in the minimum distance, you were allowed to stall and kick down multiple gears. Mucking about trying to rev match and engine brake in this exercise could be seen as inappropriate as it increases your stopping distance.

    Given your smooth and confident on gearshifts and not devoting all your attention to them it should be ok. Do they offer 1 on 1 coaching?