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how to do swerving around the half tennis ball

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by alwayseric, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. i have a MOST test this afternoon. please give me some tips. i am confident on all the other test content, but not this one. thanks.

  2. have you practiced?
    Keep your arms relaxed. Don't fixate on the tennis ball.
    Should be pretty easy if you've practiced it a few times.
  3. Not sure what you mean re this (not a VIC thing), but in nearly all swerves for tests, one of the tricks is LOOK where you want the bike to go. Really turn your head, not just your eyes.
  4. Well for one I am glad I am not the only one who prefers to use half tennis balls to big stupid cones.
    Quite simple mate. The tennis ball is the end of your turn in the slalom.
    Bend your bloody hips. Keep you and your eyes level and let the bike flop side to side. COUNTERBALANCE. You will only be doing it at 30 to 40k's so you don't need to throw your body around. Keep you in good balance and the bike will be fine.
    Stay relaxed and loose. Keep a consistent speed and don't rush it.
  5. thanks guys. yes, it is nsw thing, MOST test. i have practiced a few times. but never know if i swerved around the ball or actually rode over them :p

    i am going for the test now. thanks again
  6. Swerving tennis balls is stupid. Why would you practice avoiding something you almost never see on the roads. I've never seen a tennis ball in the road in my 20 years of having a license and if I did, I wouldn't swerve to avoid it.

    You must live next to a public tennis court if avoiding tennis balls is a priority for you.

  7. Me, i used my knees to push the bike over, leaning weight on inside peg, then back again to straighten up. Combined with a small countersteering input, this makes a nice easy flick of the bike to avoid a pothole, branch, even a tennis ball :).
    P.S. How did you go? :).
  8. This is the test: the smaller yellow circles are the half tennis balls. You touch one, you fail.

    Attached Files:

  9. You touch one, YOU DIE!!!
  10. Doesn't look terrifically hard ... I suppose if the guy left it way late to jump one way or the other it could get a bit challenging.
  11. So you swerve to the side the tester is standing on? What, no traffic lights, no zero prior notice as to which way to swerve?
  12. There's enough notice, they're not jumping from side to side after you start moving :p
  13. You better come down to VIC for a REAL challange....

  14. One of my favorite things to do on the bike is to dodge manhole covers by leaving it as late as I can before turning to the opposite side and back.
  15. Traffic lights? NSW is broke, can't afford fancy crap like that. The dude stands to one side, then off you go. No surprises.
  16. you get to practice before you do it for real. go to a carpark and practice before the day. it's super easy if you do the work first
  17. i am back with the certificate, will goto rta today to get a red p.

    actually i did well on the swerving thing this time. in clyde, you always swerve to the left side. i just bear in mind that i have to be relaxed. that is it.

    thanks guys, yesterday was a dramatic day. bad weather, the gusty wind almost blow me off my lane on the parramatta road from city to clyde. i was very nervous on M4, keeping my body very low to the tank trying hard to stay in the middle of my lane.

    anyway, thanks for the tips.
  18. Wtf how is that hard. we do that as apart of our LAMS course down in the ACT. Just push on the bars and steer the bike, just like when you practice the smidsy maneuver.

    EDIT grats on the Ps
  19. the difficult part is it is part of the test. 8-[

    anyway, it is part of the history:angel:
  20. How has no one mentioned counter-steering?????? (EDIT: had only read first page and had jaw open) I'm really astonished people are mentioning 'lean onto a peg' :| Counter-steering is the ONLY way to steer a bike at speed, these other techniques just inadvertently counter-steer the bike, that is why they seem to steer it. Go watch/read Twist of the Wrist


    Print it out and put it on your dunny wall

    Now go try it at 30-40kmph and actively push that side's bar forward...

    Just watch out you don't push it too hard at low speed as the effect is very strong.