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How to do a wheelie...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mik84, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Hi guys/gals...

    Ive only been riding for a couple of months and am curious as to the best method of doing a wheelie and if its even possible on the little zzr-250 i bought? I ask not so i can go out and be a dick and show off but just so i can explore my bike. I feel more comfortabe knowing that i can handle my vehicle when i find myself in bad situations... Thanks for the help

  2. redline the thing in first gear and dump the clutch when your ready :LOL:
    come to melbourne when you do it tho i gotta see this!

    nah seriously wait till you get a bigger bike, you'll kill the zzr trying...
  3. sweet thanks, thought that may be the case but wasnt sure. Got heaps of other things that need practice anyways :D ...
  4. Course ya can :)

    Best bike I ever had for wheeling was a Honda MBX80LC, had that thing vertical while changing gears....can't do that trick on my ZX6 :(
  5. i advice to get a bigger bike mate,i still cant thats cos i have no guts.my mates just rev the living daylight and then drop the clutch
  6. A ZZR? A 250?


    bottom left for a wheelie on a 50cc/ 3.6 horsepower, hahahaa
    YES, me on a Honda...piss off, Jason :D :D

    2 min later and I was running after the thing, holding it by the bars as it was running away from me on the back wheel ... :D :D
    Longest wheelie on that? 15 feet !!
  7. I got an unintended wheelie out of a GPX250 when I changed up into second with the revs high and let the clutch in too quickly.

    Scared the shite out of meself. It was my first day on a 250.
  8. Ahhhh, 1975. Those were the days eh Pete? I bet you remember them well ... wouldn't it be nice to be back there again, when you were riding the best bike and senility had yet to set in and take you to the dark side (aka Shituki!) :LOL: :LOL:
    Its pretty simple really. With your vast experience of bike time/throttle control, just simply rev the living shit out of it, drop the clutch and skyward bound you will be. Get it up to the balance point and keep the jiuce on and change gears as required.

    Cheers 8)

    P.S. How the hell does doing a mono help, when you find yourself in a bad situation :?:
  10. Perhaps this should be today's QOTD?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. it wins you great stereo equipment on "Australia's Funniest Home Video" as long as you have a mate there to capture it

    cheers ratty (aka Paul )
  12. ahar!! ratty's on the money :LOL:

    but it is fun to try and pop it up on a 250. even better is the knowledge that it will be someone elses problem in a few months :LOL:

    go for gold son! just remember not to do it too much, you dont wanna be the one doing the repairs on the thing. give stoppies a shot too while your at it, can be a bunch of fun trying to get that back wheel in the air with those spongey 250 brakes :D
  13. my G.F. got her licence on a zzr, and i don't know about finding a balance point on it but if you do wanna redline it and dump it you should be able to make it across a set of lights on your front wheel skybound; engine screaming in protest!
  14. A zzr250 wheelie.....seen it done once before..... we are about 100km from home, some where out towards healsville in the middle of the night....I'm talking to one of my mates and "I hear watch this!!!".......go back to talking to my mate.......then I hear one of my other mates absolutely reving the hell out of his zzr250....look over....he drops the clutch and then front wheel goes straight in the air.......he falls off the back of the bike while still holding onto the handle bars....his legs dragged along behind the bike as he grinds the rear of the bike into the ground.....the bike continues along the road in a vertical position for about 5 metres when my mate decides its probably a good idea to let go of the handle bars and get out of the situation......face flops into the bitchumen and his legs curl up behind his head as he slides to a halt in the middle of the road face down....the bike slams the front wheel into the ground and proceeds down the road vearing to the left......travels about 10 metres (it did better without my mate on it) then mounted the gutter and slammed into a wire fence....

    we spent the next two hours pushing that fcuking bike up and down the hill on either side to try and roll start it. Eventually someone came past and gave him a jump start. Bike was never the same. Not exactly the best way to impress your friends. Not surprisingly this partcular 'friend' isn't doing to well in life these days while the other three of us who were there then have moved onto bigger and better things.

    So yes it can be done....up to you if you want to repeat the above though. But I'd say if you have to ask the question then its probably too late for you...
  15. thats hilerious matt :LOL:
  16. if you wanna see what happens when the wheel lofts.. then you can always put a shit load of wheit on the bakc of the bike on a gear rack... then accelerate hard. this dumping the clutch Biz .. i dunno.. lol

    had the front end fairly light once.. 3 days after i got it.. went screaming over an intersection, from stand still and clutchless into second, dont think i lifted it off tho..

    errr.. dont blame me???? lmao :p
  17. I have a dirt bike and depending on its level of power you should be able to pop a wheelie just by putting it in a low gear and excellerating and lifting up slitley.
    Beeeeeee Careful :LOL:
  18. Being new to riding i wasnt aware it was such a tough thing to do even on a 250. Example Situation... im at standstill at traffic lights or something, car is coming toward me from behind and the brakes fail or something to that effect. I notice the car coming and feel that it isnt gonna stop before it hits me and reef the throttle and dump the clutch in panic..

    I assumed in doing that its possible for the front wheel to lift. So would it not be safer to then know how to keep control of the bike?

    All i know is the the stupid stuff i used to do when i first got me car licence has definately got me out of some near accidents on the road.
  19. Yes you can and will be able to get the front wheel up on a ZZR250, but not for very long. Did it on a Hyosung Comet 250 (accidentally), done it on a ZZR (kinda intentionally... was launching hard), and done it on my FZR (launched waaay harder than was expecting).

    Most commonly its just the front wheel leaps up a bit, not sustained up. It's also fairly easy to do if your changing clutchless and riding hard down a hill. Still remember a certain mate on a GPX doing it and laughing when i told him he was getting liftoff in 1-2, 2-3, and a tiny bit in 3-4.