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How to decide on a bike without riding it...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hey yall.
    I was gettin my bike serviced 2 days ago and while in the shop, an '07 R6 caught my eye. So I jumped on and it fit right. I was tempted to trade in the hyo on the spot and call it a day. But the salesman talked me out of it (a friend of mine).

    Anyway, all the places I've been have dont allow test rides, which is fair enough and has been highly discussed on the forums. However, my problem lies here. I've been told not to buy the r6 till i've ridden the gsxr and the CBR... But how the heck do you manage this.

    I dont know anyone with these bikes to ride, and i dont like riding others bikes...just as i dont like others riding mine.

    So how do you decide what bike to get...other than how good it looks...
    Im on the lookout for a bigger bike, gettin close to coming off restrictions so I want to make a choice pretty soon.

  2. If you're serious about buying and you're in a serious shop they will let you test ride. Sometimes they follow you on another bike and sometimes they just chuck you the keys. Its a big ask if you are still restricted though.
    Make it known you are serious. Don't just walk in and ask for a ride you may need to start on the deal and then build up to the test but do so on the proviso that if you don't think its for you no harm done.
    Tyre kickers must give shops the sh!ts.
  3. Don't allow test rides!?
    Which dealers are these

    I can't see how anyone could possibly sell a 15k machine without letting you take one out for a spin.

    Ring around and try some other dealers.
  4. i kno that that A1 in ringwood let u take bikes out without payin a deposit, and they dont come with you, they let me take mine out 4 half an hour, but i went 4 like 45 :cool: .

    giv em a call, good bunch of guys there.

    68 Maroondah Hwy
    Ringwood, VIC 3134
    (03) 9870 1256
  5. Every dealership i went to allowed test rides, and actively encouraged it, particularly when i mentioned i was looking at a range of bikes. That said, if your still on restrictions, and you're looking to ride an unrestricted bike then there may be a problem.
    As others mentioned, if you make it clear that you are serious and able to buy, and say you won't buy without a test ride, then i'd be surprised if they said no. I don't know your age, but if your under 20, then, as annoying as it might be, going in with a parent will at weight to your chances.
  6. You must have a tyre kicker look about you!! Never heard of a place that doesnt allow demos, haven't you seen demo bikes for sale?
  7. Problem is that you're still restricted. So, you know, be patient, wait until you're off restrictions, then go back, talk seriously, be ready to buy and you'll get test rides.
  8. You can't make an informed decision on a bike purchase without riding the bike, especially regarding the "type" of bike.....eg r6 vs cbr600 etc

    You should also check out insurance costs for the bike, it may be higher than you expect.

    Ride as many different bikes that interest you as you can, they're all going to feel pretty good compared to what you are used to.

    If you haven't ridden many/any of these types of bikes be careful.....they're going to be pretty different to the hyosung......... :shock:
  9. Sorry, missed the on restrictions part!

    In that case, what the hell are you doing going for an R6?
  10. Oops, me too.

    I jumped straight to a GSRX600? Plenty of people have? Few months after I got on the Firestorm, never looked back since!
  11. I guess "VTRonethousey" doesn't have the same ring to it. :grin:
  12. You don't need to have an RR ready for the first day off your restrictions.

    Wait until you get your fulls, then go asking for test rides and take some cash to wave about to show you're ready to sign on the dotted line if its the right bike.

    Just don't fork over any until you want to go ahead.

    A dealer that will go un-named asked for some cash on a bike I was 'considering' and when I pulled out they wouldn't give it all back claiming they'd rego'd or done some shit so I could ride it away. :evil:
    The bike wouldn't run when i first looked (no fuel or carbs flooded or something) and I said i'll come back when its running and they still couldn't show me it running when I asked for my money back a week later and just said it'll be running when you pick it up.
    Fukin tossbags
  13. The stores demo models have insurance. if someone on unrestricted license rides it, it will not be covered. so....thats why...
  14. Hahah...
    Firstly im 27, So I don't look like a kid.
    Secondly Yeah im on restrictions still but i'll be off fairly soon hence the desire to upgrade.
    Im completely over the 250 like you would not believe and I have been told that the bigger bikes ride totally diff to a 250.
    When I went to buy my 250 3 places, which i wont name, said they do not allow test rides. Period.

    I'll defiantly call around and try a few diff places for a test ride...I cant imagine buying a car without drving it, let alone a bike which is much more personal.

    Insurance is not a problem, I have had many many modified sports cars in my time and am used to paying in the 1k plus range for insurance. The bike wont cost that much to insure, considering im 27 and a rating 1.
  15. Well...I know that Redwing definately allows test rides.
    Stafford Yamaha allows test rides too. They are just down the road from each other. so you can test them back to back :D

    I guess you are just gonna have to wait till you get off your restrictions
  16. im still on restrictions but i got a test ride no worries, seriously, if the dealer wants ur bussines (and they always do) just play hard ball, and theyll let u.

    just push em.
  17. May as well wait until your off restrictions. Even if you buy now, I doubt you will get insurance for the bike until you can legal ride it?
  18. Doesn't mean you don't look like a tyre kicker...

    Very likely they were just being economical with the number of words they use, likely they meant they don't allow people on their L's or who just got their license to go for test rides.
  19. The dealership i went to said to me a while back that i could take one for a ride til he asked "have you got your full licence", Dohh :oops:

    Thing is i dont think they will let you because if you have an accident, and then the insurance wont cover for the dealership because a restricted rider isn't supposed to ride that bike and void insurance claim.
    Some might, but thats the risk they take to make a sale.

    I agree to waiting til off restrictions then try em all.
  20. I can't wait to start test riding bikes. I think if you go in there and give them the impression that your ready to buy and you've got the cash then they should be more then willing.

    I'll probably be buying second hand when I'm ready to upgrade. Is it ok to go around test riding bikes even if you have no intention of buying one?