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How to deal with a non proven Thief

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. I have this one guy that lives up the street with a similar bike to mine, now over 2 nights ago something goes missing off my bike, now last night I went for a night walk and saw his bike up his driveway with a similar looking part to whats come off my bike, now i dont have any proof that he is the thief but it looks obvious to me it is,
    Now lucky for him & me I didnt catch him in the act cause he might be in hospital or dead and me at the local lock up, but now ive been waisting my time thinking how to fcuk this piece of shit up. If i repull the part off, if it was him he'll know its me (which i dont want him knowing) as it will start a tit for tat war, which i dont want, id rather let him keep the part but hit him with a brick, I want to make leaches like that suffer.

  2. You could use "entrapment"
    Get a part, that is not too expensive but something he'd want to steal. I cant think of anything now.
    Mark it with that invisible ink, or scatch it somewhere and take a photo of it, wait till he steals it, then if you see it on his bike, confront him with ur evidence.
    Or, if its not him, you lose your part. LoL.

    Is it really worth it?
  3. What is the 'Part' that went missing?
  4. Hell if there was some way to recognize the part as yours I'd be back over there reclaiming it. Then i'd sit and wait for him to come remove something else from my bike while holding a brick in my hand.

    Legally, you can raise a police complaint pointing the finger at him as a suspect, following placing a report of theft of thus part. When the police interview him. and ask how he obtained the part, he'd better be able to provide receipts or he's facing a charge of "being in possession of suspicious goods, under suspicious circumstances".

    Both options will teach him a lesson. Only one will make you feel better.
    Go the brick i say :)
  5. not going to tell in case there is a slight chance he's readig this, he'll know im comming for him, but if someone is reading this whos done this, watch your back
  6. He'd be getting a knock on the door from me and asked for an explanation.
    He'll deny it but he would know I (you) was sus and that should stop the crap.

    Accept his denial then ask him to keep an eye out for a low life scum who's knocking stuff off bikes and make it known how you would deal with anyone caught tampering with your (or his) bike.

    Can you park the bike somewhere else? I'm assuming its parked on the street.

    Believe in karma....................
  7. Two things are obvious here.

    1. You have some sort of urban grudge against this guy that you're not telling us about, and the stuff about the bike is just part of it. In which case, take it to someone who cares, I'm not interested; if you're not man enough to deal with it, it's probably because you are already in the wrong over some other matter.

    2. If this is not the case, you're going to look like a real ass if it turns out he bought the part legally the day before, aren't you? You haven't got a shred of evidence to back up your claim, have you?

    How do you spell defamation???
  8. you should confront him about it. If not, he will think that you are a push over and soon other bits will start disappearing too

    Do not accuse him of stealing it, but hint that you will keep an eye out for him. The last thing you want is a vindictive neighbour and having to worry about someone vandalising your bike or stealing it
  9. errr, you guys suck!!!!!

    Best course of action is to do nothing.

    Section 458 of the crimes act states "Finds committing" of which you don't have.

    As someone suggested, buy something, put it on the bike, make it evident then film your bike with a camera all night.

    Get the thief's head on camera then go hit him with a paver.
  10. it was in my drive, ive wedged it in the garage now, but makes it hard to move with all the car and other stuff in there, including my other bike my project.

    I didnt have a grudge with this leach, dont even know him, I only took notice of him cause of the similar bike he rides, and ive noticed he didnt have the part in question when i looked last time, now he does, he must be stupid if he thinks that cause he's way down the other end of the road I wouldnt notice. Ive been holding myself back from doing something till now. People like this need to get pay back or they dont stop
  11. I repeat, you don't have a shred of evidence, he may well have purchased it legally. You can't prove anything and any action you take will put YOU in the wrong.
  12. You park your car in the garage and leave your bike outside! :mad: :shock: :roll:
  13. Why are you bothering replying and in fact, reading this thread, then?
  14. ring crimestoppers and tell them he is dealing hydro.
  15. yeah, as Loz says, 'technically' you don't have any evidence that he has nicked the stuff off your bike, though the coincidence is rather uncanny.

    are the parts really unique/distinguishable? are there already any marks on them that you would be able to say are definitely yours? if there is, then you can either take it to the cops, wait 5 years for the paper work to clear, then possibly have them send the guy an angry letter. or take them back late at night also...

    if not, +1 to the idea of getting something else flashy but inexpensive that he doesnt have yet, and wait there at night for him with a camera. if you dont have a video camera with night vision (coz pretty much everyone has one of those...), then u will be in for a long night lying in wait. plus you are more or less guaranteed to get his face. Lie in the bushes all night in a Ghillie suit, when he rocks up, stand up, yell 'hey asshole' and snap off a few happy snaps when he turns to face the disturbance.

    alternatively, if you dont like either of these suggestions, then you could handle it in a much more mature way by lighting a bag of dog poo on fire on his door step, and blowing up his letter box with a firecracker. OH! and doughnuts on his lawn, assuming he hasnt stolen your tyres yet.

  16. Came home from work that night and the misses put her car in the garage, usually it is in the garage, and im like shifting things round to get it out, now this night, i didnt bother getting the car out restacking the garage like tetris to get them all in, it was late everyone was a sleep, and this guy strikes on the perfect night, the bike was chained to a fence, thats why it was still there in the moring ( well 99% of it)

    If I do nothing , he'll think what he's doing is an easy way to get stuff for free, and who knows, if my bike is hard to get to he might try and pinch one of any of your bikes in the future.
  17. Most obvious thing that I can think of is tank pad.

    if that is what it is, nick it back and stick it in the bottom drawer for a couple of months, use some gaffer tape in the meantime.
  18. nah, its gotta be something to do with the fact that they are similar bikes... im thinking pegs, or maybe bar ends?

  19. i was thinking the same thing. :?
  20. Since no one has suggested it yet i say;

    Punch the guy in the face repeatedly.

    Ask questions later.
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