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How to cut noise

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gadagada, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. I went for a long ride the other day without plugs and came back with sore ears. Now that I have seen the error of my ways I need some info on the best ear plugs cause after what Ive done I know I need the best to protect what I have left. Anyone on here who can pls share the info on where you can buy good earplugs? It would be most appreciated..


  2. the foam disposables will do the job, but the moulded plugs get a good rap from their owners so i guess it depends on how much you wanna spend.
  3. Try the foam ones just learn how to put them in properly. If you squeeze the end of them so they are nice and small you can get them further in your ear so when the expand they make a better seal. Trail and error will show ya what I mean because when you get it right they cut the sound out very well. The other thing to note also is when you put your helmet on that you dont break the seal made by the plugs, you will know what I mean when it happens. Cheers Pil
  4. I have to agree with joel and pil . Disposables from the chemist (or work :wink: ) I've used 'em for near 20 years now. You can usually get a couple of uses out of each pair too.
  5. ewwwwwwww :)
  6. Yeah, I use the foam ear plugs and don't seem to have any problems with them. I'm just affraid that if I get an expensive molded pair I will loose one, JUST ONE so the other will be rendered useless and I will spend the rest of my life searching in the vein hope that the other one is out there somewhere. Anyway I'll just end up using foam ones anyway, SO I just save myself the hastle. :grin:
  7. You have two ears, you use both plugs at the same time.
    Unless you plan on taking only one out of your head and then a few days later taking out the other one, I don't see how you will misplace them :p

    They come with a small pouch for storage ;)
  8. exactly what i am afraid of. Whenever I go for a ride I end up using atleast 3 or 4 of those foam ones. Just keep losing them all over the place.......refilling stops, restaurants or lookouts.

    Foam ones do the job, especially when they are free ........from work :wink:
  9. I have the opposite problem. I found one, just one, so now i search endlessly in vein for another. :shock:
  10. Some of the moulded plugs can be fitted with a string between them (you won't loose them). In the pouch, put a card with your details and a pleading note to call you if they are found.

    I got moulded plugs fitted by an audiologist. These are musicians plugs with a foam "filter" in them. Cuts out the harmful noise ranges and volumes but still lets you hear ok. Expensive, yes (compared to foam disposable plugs). Foam plugs will do a good job though. Just keep a large supply and use them always. Your hearing does NOT heal.
  11. interesting info
  12. you mean the ones that are on sale here in the group buy talked about in the thread here? :roll: :LOL:
  13. Actually, you don't squish just the tip, but the entire earplug... Rolling it between your fingers until the entire earplug is a thin, long cylinder. 'n then slide it all the way in.

    EAR (earplug manufacturer) suggests checking a good insertion by covering both of your ears with your hands, and seeing if there's a noticable difference in noise level; if there isn't a difference, then the earplugs are in properly.
  14. always carry a spare set of earplugs in my wallet.

    when i am at a venue and suspect the music (or other noise) is too loud,
    do a quick check by putting my fingers in my ears.

    if you still hear the music reasonably OK,
    then you know the music is way too loud.

    time to fit the earplugs.
  15. Sorrry but am i missing something here?
    It can't just be coincidence that these 2 different posts are remarkably similar in the wording used can it?
    This is referring to port80's link...Please explain???
  16. i tried plugs on several occasions , i do over 100 kms a day to town and back at the speed limit out here in the country. the noise is anoying but , the plugs were worse , your ears start to ache about half way home from the pressure of the foam, especially if its below zero , and also the foam ones seem to transmit the helmet noise down into your ear as they are contacting the material liner of my RF700.
    i cant push them in any further no matter how hard i roll them.
    the odd shaped shooting ones are even worse , the end sticks out past your ear and transmits even more noise, so, it looks like i will be saying "what?" "what?" a lot in a few more years as i try to lipread people lol

    cheers, keep it upright
    p.s its raining again , the muddy track to town the council hilariously calls a "road" will be a nightmare again
  17. I have tried them both, the moulded and the foam earsoft. The moulded are made out of a two part dentists impression latex which I had made and molded whilst wearing my helmet for a perfect fit, they cost over $60. The foam earsoft on the other hand can be found in workware and work safety stores and are alot cheaper. In my opinion the foam earsoft inserts are much more comfortable long term and cut out at least 15% more noise. For $60 you can probably buy a couple of years supply of them.
  18. +1 Spot on comparison