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how to crash a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. well after yesterday seeing a fatal acco in the RNP, where a rider was killed in a low speed slide. just went to show that sometimes it doesnt take much.
    so me and jake asked the question at the scene, what do you do when you are sliding along behind your bike, assuming you have been able to evaluate your circumstances and react( unlikely but you never know).
    it is never something which is taught in rider training something which we both found to be ridiculous?
    do you try and put your arms above your head, do you curl up into a ball, do just prey?
    really got me thinking about it again, last time i thought about it was after my little slide along the road at 80km/h where i hit the conrete wall head first i decided the best thing you could do was trying and protect you head and neck?
    any one got ideas?

  2. Yeah it would be good to know.. I'm trying to think about what the gp racers do when they crash.. But all I can see evidence of is a rush to jump back on the bike as soon as (and sometimes before) they've stopped tumbling.
  3. Rule no.1 - make sure you've finished moving before you stand up.

    Rule no.2 - try and keep your arms tucked in.

    Footnote: you can steer yourself a bit while you're sliding, but generally you don't have enough time to make any difference

    Rule no.3 - It's not uncommon to forget rule no.1 and 2 during a crash

  4. practise practise practise? :?
  5. tip- if the left cheek gets hot, switch to the right.
  6. or flick bike into highside, get thrown off but retain grip on handlebars, steer bike back onto road whilst skiing along on your boots, remount and ride down the road.

    Stop, remove brown nugget from jocks and remind yourself what a legend you are. :rofl:
  7. Thanks joel, I've now got to clean the mouthful of coffee off the monitor and the keyboard..... classic! :LOL:

    Thanks for the laugh. :wink:
  8. Muscle around the neck won't do much if you're unconscious from a knock (hitting the road) and take another at the end of your slide, but I'm taking up exercises again as a start. I wish we hadn't seen it, I think I'll need a can of harden-the-fcuk-up for breakfast daily the next few weeks.
  9. Tracks have run-off sections that just about eliminate the risk of impact with a barrier at the end of a slide. We don't have that luxury on the road.
  10. I remember an article that said if you're sliding along but not rolling/flipping, spread yourself as wide as possible to maximise friction and slow you down.

    Never tried it, can't say whether it'd work. :-k
  11. Just relax .its that simple.

    You ever wonder why kids fall off swings and ladder or money bars.
    Or when your pissed you fall down the stairs and don't hurt your self .

    Because your relaxed.

    So when sliding along the road ,kick back relax ,light a smoke off one of your checks like joel said and enjoy the ride. :wink:
  12. hmmm im with the opinion of relax, for sure. the spreading out to maximise frictions sounds like a good idea, but if u get ur feet/hands or some edges down, it might grip a bit and cause u to start rolling tumbling over. not good.

    ragdoll = bad

    waterslide style = good
  13. Well the one time I came off at speed I tried reaching for the bike
    but I was going faster than her so that wasn't an option.

    I had enough time to make that same conscious decision & spread
    myself wide and at one point dug the elbows into the ground trying
    to further slow myself down because the freeway was fast coming
    towards me.

    I still bloody ended up in the middle of the first lane. :LOL:

    I'd have to do a re-enactment to know if my efforts to slow down
    made a difference :p
  14. try not to hit your head as soon as u fall off like i did.. It helps to have som consciousness when you're in an uncontrollable slide but thats not saying it will definitely help you either.
  15. mount a dozen wheels on your back and torso than use sticks near by the road to steer, maybe even handle bars if you get that lucky.

    no but seriously, some good info there worthwhile remembering.. is there such a thing as a neck support brace to stop your neck being broken/bent like they do in car racing?

    my understanding is that in moto racing they have a little lump bit on the suit in between your upper shoulders that stops the head bending backwards yes?

    soz for newbie q's. :oops:
  16. Not sure if it would work but when I was racing Go-Karts you can get a ring made of foam that looks like a horseshoe closed over that you slip around your neck. It help to stop your neck getting thrown around and supported the weight from the helmet in an accident.

    As for what to do I totally agree with the relaxed attitude although I'm not too sure how relax I would be sliding on my arse down the road :? . I do remember some Wrigley's Belive it or Not story about some skydiver. The poor bastard jump out of the plane only to find that neither his main or secondary chute was going to work (that'll teach him to let the ex-wife back it :roll: ). Considering he had a few scenic moments to spare before his supposed dimise he considered his options on the way down. What he did was aim for the a nearby forest area, once above the trees he spread himself out as much as possible to try and slow down as much as he could. When he was just about to hit the trees he made him self go limp "as if I had been drinking all night". The lucky SOB got out of it with no more than a broken leg, arm and concusion :shock: :shock: :shock: .

    The experts all contributed his survival to the tress reducing is fall rate and the fact the he was limp the was no excess force against the ground on impact. If he had frozen like most would in the same situation he would have shattered every bone in his body.

    That story has always stuck in my mind for some reason and hopefully it is the first thing I think of when I need it.

    So after that rant, my suggestion would be to stay calm and relaxed, if you can try to aim for something that is going to absorb some of your speed - bushes, small shrubs, an old fence (just remember to keep the legs crossed fellas :p :shock: ). And try not to tense up before impact with anything hard (rockwall, gutter etc), instead try to manouvour your self so any armour or padding hits first.

    Fingers crossed I can practise what I preach when it comes my time to need it.
  17. Yeah, one of the things we talked about was the low friction of leathers and other gear designed to slide off a track. Really, you might not want to roll, but thinking about road slides, you want to stop as quickly as possible in almost every case...so would rubber friction patches logically placed on road gear make sense?
  18. Maybe being unconcious helped you stay relaxed, as Sleddog says :)
    So, perhaps we should all either land on our heads or ride drunk? :LOL:

  19. mmm...Unfortuntely....we don't get to practice this much (right!). :grin:

    All I can say is...Out on the road, there is a good chance that you are going to hit something - BIGTIME...and it's gonna hurt!....so do anything you can do, to slow down the slide and reduce the impact when it comes.
    If you miss everything, then good fortune has smiled on you once again - Now get off the road before some idiot runs you over!
  20. Keep your hands out of it and take the impact with your body. Keep your head off the ground if you've got an expensive lid. Have a look about while slowing down to see if evasive measures need to be taken once stopped. Don't do anything unpredictable if other bikes or cars were right up your clacker. Be a good bloke to people you ride with and they might even crash to avoid running you over.