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How to copy a motorcycle DVD

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Johnny O, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. How to copy a motorcycle DVD?

    Hey Guy's,

    I have an old classic motorcycle movie on DVD (Little Faus, big Halsy) and I'd like to burn a copy; I just want to have a copy incase it gets wrecked.

    Can anyone copy it for me? I'm in Melbourne. Thanks, John
  2. Yes its easy but I'm in Brissie. I would happily look after an,ahem, "backup" copy for you.... ;)
  3. Johnny, do some googling for "DVD copier" software, and you should find a selection of free tools. I can't remember any of the names right now (oxy hangover...), but some allow a straight copy and anothers will allow you to rip the DVD to (eventually) an AVI or similar movie file...
  4. Try DVD shrink but you also need something like Nero to burn the disc.
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    1. DVD Shrink to copy from DVD to hard drive
    2. Imgburn to copy from hard drive to DVD
    Google is your friend :)
  5. DVDFab is good but if u need help and ahem :) i have the programs for that kind of stuff.. :-w
  6. This is illegal.. Why not download it.

    Lol :p
  7. i always used dvd shrink and dvdclone - but if you seriously just want a backup - just rip it to your hard drive and leave it there.
  8. Thanks for all the input, I'll see what I can work out.
  9. find a teenager
  10. o
    grab one you actually know - leave the ones on the street thats uncool.
  11. hahahah good save amigo !!!
  12. DVD fab use to have a Free 30 Trial you could download and use.
    google that
  13. Can do it at home in chadstone After hours and at work in braeside during work hours if you want.

    Using DVD shrink is Excellent.. but be warned that to fit a full movie onto a standard DVD it will cut the video quality by up to half.. Using a Dual Layer blank DVD and fiddling with the settings on Dvd Shrink will make a perfect quality copy with all menus etc.

    PM me for the good oil.
  14. Never had a problem with quality using Shrink.
    you can delete extras like languages etc to free up space
    Never had to use a dual layer either :) All menus retained (y)
  15. Try getting those settings on a single layer dvd with something like the star wars movies.. :) will knock the video quality down to 1/3 ..
  16. I use Clone2 to back up my p0rn....got it off two cows. Works ok.
    I have the new nero......10? Never installed it.... clones just so easy
    Why not just send the DVD to your back up hard drive and have a copy for eva.
    No one uses dvd's anymore ... do they lol. I seem to stick everything these day.