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How to convince your wife that the new toy needs bling...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bangalla, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Step 1. Wait for wife to drop your three week old bike. :eek:
    Step 2. Buy replacement parts with impunity. :cool:

  2. A cunning plan!

    I should have thought of this after the wife backed the car into my bike and knocked it over...

    What are you getting?
  3. she won't get pissed if you buy her bling too :) (diamonds seem to work best) Although mine rides aswell so bike bling is good, especially if it is pink.
  4. Yep diamonds are a girls best friend which then makes you her next best friend... I hope my better half don't see this pic. She may get ideas... [-o<

  5. Thankfully there wasn't too much damage, some scrapes on one of the cans and one of the blinkers and a smashed mirror with a badly bent arm (it took a lot of the impact as it hit a wall)

    I've ordered a set of Rizoma 'Reverse Retro' bar end mirrors and some Rizoma bar ends with sliders. Thanks to the exchange rate at the moment the Rizomas are only a few dollars more than the genuine Ducati Mickey Mouse Ears.
  6. nah nah, forget the diamond! get her the HOMEMEDICS infra red massage thingo [$125.00] from 'the shaver shop' with replacable heads and toss out the infra red heads along with that pissy AA battery toy thats no good and far too loud.

    then you tell her that the thought of anything happening to the homemedics toy is how you feel when you consider the possibility of something happening to the bike. just like the toy, the problem gets fixed straight away.

    cheers :cool:

    ps, install a clipsal safety switch to your fuse box, or what ive done which is purchased fuses with a safety switch on each of them. also, use a power board because it has a cut off device. the homemedics thingo plugs into the wall [achem] so you dont want any damage happening.

    what a great way to show your wife the dif between the power of burning coal, and pissy AA batteries.

    u will still have a purpose man, dont worry about being number 2 in house hold, you wont come 2nd to it. she did marry you so must be able to do something for her.

    just like the bike, one person cant forfill everything. she may think she's happy now, but wait till she discovers all the modes of the homemedics device :eek: :grin: :shock: :p :eek: :LOL: :eek: :LOL: :eek: :LOL: :roll: :wink:
  7. :LOL: D Stump you are priceless... Scary but Priceless. :LOL:
  8. I'm sure you could throw a new set of pipes on as well.... the original ones are scratched!
  9. Pfftt ,don't ask here any thing ,just go buy what ever you want, I do. :)

    But ,I do wear a cricket box ,when I walk in the door with all me new gear or mods ,......saftey first. :LOL:
  10. Be A Man!
  11. Invisible bling. Treat yourself to revalved suspension, a head port and polish, have the guts ripped out of your standard cans, piggy back compy for your EFI, etc etc.

    At most you'll get a "honey, does your bike sound different?"

  12. Or a "Honey, why is $2000 missing from the joint account???" :LOL:
  13. Using a bank!? :shock:

    Cash people! Keep it in a biscuit tin and avoid these pesky problems. :p
  14. hey Dave
    my problem is opposite to yours

    Phil is so....safe

    I am the want new toys one of the couple :oops:

  15. I'm taking notes.... :cool:

    Anyone know some good online stores where you can get some bling?? Found a few ebay shops but all the bits are for 01+ GSX-Rs, cant find many bits for a 99, not like it's that old!!!
  16. I'm getting my stuff from PJs Parts as they come highly recommended by other Monster owners.