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How to choose, SV or GSR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zxmenow, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Hello to all and thanks in advance for any help in this matter.
    I have been looking at bikes over the past few weeks and have narrowed my choice down to either the Suzuki SV 650 or the GSR 600.
    I am changing from a Kwaka ZX 900 because I travel into the city and out again from outer eastern suberbs and the ZX is not the most practical bike for this situation and I don't want to wear the old girl out that way it woldn't be fair to her.
    So, I am lookking for somthing that can be used in traffic and that I can also have a good blast on the weekends, I know the power of the SV being a V twin is good for low end stuff and I have been assured that it is fun on weekends where as the GSR has been set up to cope with more low end stuff but then does that take away from the engines performance?
    This is getting a bit long so I will get to the point.....
    Has enyone riden both or either and what advise have you got for me in regards to this situation?

  2. cant help you there! sorry mate! just felt bad cause you have no replies yet :grin:
  3. :LOL:
    We are a friendly bunch, aren't we! :LOL:
    Go the SV650 IMHO. I haven't ridden the GSR, but it looks as ugly as sin, IMHO.
    The SV looks, handles, sounds and performs excellently around town and has just enough grunt to get you into trouble on the weekends.
    Just my opinion.
    Welcome to the forums, too. :wink:
  4. The GSR is a similar bike to the FZ6 and CB600 Hornet, and as such should be good fun when wound up. Yes it's been retuned for more "low down" performance but remember it's a gixxer 600 race bike engine, so "low down" is very relative. It'll still produce more power at the top of its rev range, probably topping out with a bit more get up n go than the SV but I haven't seen the figures.

    The SV is certainly more of a proven quantity, it's been around for years and is a very friendly, fun bike.

    It will come down to whether you're a twin guy or a 4-pot screamer fan. Personally given the choice I prefer the rush of an inline 4, the twins seem a bit gaspy to me just where they should be getting fun - but there's plenty of people that don't share my opinion.

    The advice as always is to test-ride them both, according to your own pre-determined criteria of what you want in a bike.

    Then, write up full reviews of your thoughts for Netrider, and buy whichever one has the biggest tits.
  5. GSR looks 1000 times better than the butt-arse ugly sv gimphoe.
  6. GSR in the mags look great. Having seen it up close it looks like a fat plastic pig.

    SV's arnt the best looking bike on the road but the handle really well and theres a huge selection of aftermarket goodies to take the edge of the SV's ordinary looks..

    If you are looking for a commuter/canyon carver the SV650 is the bike.. If you a bit of a squid and want more top end then skip the sv650
  7. Go the SV.

    Twins rawk :)
  8. If your used to a zx9 you will be disapointed with a twin,I know i was when i took a firestorm for a test ride :grin:
  9. Obviously couldn't handle the "power everywhere" characteristic of a V-Twin :rofl:
  10. Well if thats the case the yellow one with twin yoshis wasnt up to it :shock: Certainly couldnt do the long yards :shock: maybe it was a short stroker :cool:
  11. Saw a GSR in the flesh today, looked dodgy. Go the Vtwin :)
  12. Thank you very much, I was starting to feel a bit neglected.

    And to all the other repleis I also would like to say thanks for your vareid and many opinions.
    I had just about made up my mind to go the SV but now as someone said it will basically come down to a testride which was suposed to happen twice already, but Peter Stevens cant seem organise one when they say,
    not that i'm frustrated at all.
    They tell me now that they will be getting the bike for a week in the next two over the school holidays so if you are keen to have spin yourself, get in touch with P.S in Ringwod.
    I will put a rider reveiw of both bikes after the event, don't expect much as I don't work for MCNews or nuffin.
    Do any of you go to those coffee nights that people organise, if so where and when?? :grin:

  13. History is made today...
    :LOL: :LOL:

    Vic has recommended a Suzuki :shock: :shock: :shock:
  14. I came close to buying one. Well the thou not the 650 ;)
  15. Who are you, and what have you done to Vic??