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How to cheat and legaly pass your P Test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tomcatalex, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. :idea: get one of these, no feet on floor points, no stalling motor points, and cant see anyone missing a cone or going outside of the circle but I wonder how much clearance you would get with the tennis ball swerve?


    But if you can face off the embarrassment, you deserve to pass

    I havnt seen any riding on the road, besides one going for a test run at sydney city

    has anyone seen one in traffic???
  2. Hahaha, I've seen a few around, one guy had one and was speaking to me while at the lights.
  3. dont tell me he was lane splitting???

    what were you on??
  4. Man, it looks pretty gay.
  5. As always with scootery advertising - Not even trendy fashion leather gloves, letalone real gloves... :blah:

  6. didnt you notice the new skin coloured gloves, anyway not much risk hitting the gravel or doing a stoppie
  7. saw one of these the other day. bit odd but if it floats ya boat why not.
  8. Not much chance of doing a stoppie? Really?


    The no-gloves thing is just a pet peeve of mine. "We go too slow to need armour!", they say. "Our scooters are too light to hurt us in a crash!"

    Well, sure, probably don't need superdooper leathers and cordura at 10-20kph... But I've had enough experience on my ~10kg mountainbike to know that when you come off, your body has an uncanny ability to protect the rest of itself by sacrificing its hands.

    And until I started to wear gloves while riding my bicycle, I also discovered how much it hurts to have that self-sacrificial reflex kick in. :?
  9. when i did my test the instructor told a scooter guy that as he had no gloves it would appear he had no brain also.. bit harsh but kind fo true. put your hands up (no matter how many fingers) if you dont need your hands. gots to get me one of them 3 wheeled jobs
  10. #10 Tomcatalex, Aug 6, 2008
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  11. rofl

    what if you FAILED on one of those though????
  12. you will have to walk away.... very very quickly. please dont come back thankyou.
  13. I got stuck behind a bunch of scooters going up a mountain road. There was one of these out the front who was blitzing the other scooters!

    Also had a quick go on one off a friend who had one. There less rigid than they look! The front end is on a pivoting wishbone set-up. They pivot and lean much like a normal bike. When you come to stop, there is a button you press which locks up the front end to stop it pivoting.
  14. I'm telling you, nobody who rides one of these things walks away unaffected. That three-wheeler is seriously one of the most hysterically awesome things I've ridden. Get yourself a test ride sometime, it's just an unbelievably fun bike.
  15. ahah i see these everyday..

    they look cool. probably very expensive for what they are..

    i guess people that need training wheels should buy!! :D
  16. I see one of those almost every week at the nasho, it always gets lots of attention. I remember the guy was saying you have to really hang on going round the corners cause it handles well, but your body is pulled by g-forces.
  17. Everyone I know who's ridden one agrees with Loz - and that's only the 250cc version.

    I suspect the 500cc Gilera version will be a very interesting experience. :twisted:
  18. He's full of shit - it handles exactly like a motorcycle only with a greater feeling of stability and front-end grip. You don't get any more g-forces than on a bike, because it leans right over until exhausts and other bits start sparking it up on the ground.