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How to change the oil in an SR500 - hopefully not as boring as it sounds?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by QuarterWit, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. I put together this video over the weekend...

    My first go at editing or really filming anything. So let me know what y'all think!

  2. Haha, saw this on another forum earlier but didn't comment. Great vid, well done.
  3. Brilliant!

    The mantle falls to you to make Australia's next great b-grade low-budget motorcycle movie. I'm thinking an image of me coming over a dirt hill on my bike, with a voice over - "Why are we here?" "Some things are really deep." "When I contemplate motorcycles I think, 'Yeah, that's right'" - in slow motion at dusk with a play of light and shadows.

    You forgot to check the oil pressure.
  4. Yeah, and I didn't cover the cleaning of the strainer in the oil line and the sump. Ah well... next time...

    Glad y'all liked it! I think I'm going to sneakily change the thread name so more people click on it...
  5. Loved it! :LOL:
  6. Did I see that right??

    At the end of the vidoe was he flushing the used oil down the sink??

    Not very environmentally friendly!!
  7. I don't think it's really wise to be instructing people to change their own oil.

    This is something best left up to a mechanical specialist to do. Oil is the lifeblood of an engine, and having amateurs attempt to maintain their bikes is a recipe for disaster and very unsafe.
  8. ...better not brush your teeth then beige.racer... This is something best left up to a dental specialist to do. Oral health is essential to existence and having amateurs attempt to maintain their teeth is a recipe for disaster and potentially very painful. :) ;)
  9. Well done mate!

    Lots of good laughs through the story.


    Fun Ha!
  10. That was unexpected!!! :rofl:

    Loved it, great job, well done! =D>
  11. "Dispose the oil in a responsible manner" hahahaha
  12. FTW, Live to Ride! He doesn't go for your heavy listen-to-the-man rules.

    I don't brush my teeth.

    Marlon, is that hexagonal bolt in the downtube stock? Mine has an allen bolt, which I assume is stock for the '78.
  13. Yeah, it's a hex bolt!

    I thought they all were? I might have a peep at your manuals tonight. Allen/hex would probably be better. Mine's looking a little sad at the moment. Sorry I haven't returned your calls either mate, I was planning on going for a ride tomorrow but I might go later in the week...
  14. Yes, peep at my manuals in the night, and we'll go riding later in the week - but let me know which day asap, as I have to book one of them out to go sip lattes.
  15. That was the idea! It's actually me being tricky - there's no oil going down the sink. I'm a bit paranoid so I filmed the whole thing - just in case the EPA come knocking or something silly like that. I actually put it in the juice container, emptying that into another container and holding the clear one over the sink for the shot. I keep my old oil and drop it off at the local car mechanics. I guess the angle worked!

    I'll speak to work Matt and let you know when they'll let me escape.
  16. lolol that was bloody tops, well done, keep them coming
  17. Awsome......
  18. Outstanding. Laughed myself horse. Or is that whores? Anyway, had a few giggles.
  19. that was great, well done
  20. buhahaha great editing and humour!