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How to best secure your bike from theft

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. my bike parks in a unit complex underground carpark. With one main electric gate for all residents. my bike just sits there, but one guy said his bbq got stolen last month, and another had his mag wheels stolen off his ss commodore before then also, another persons little shed was broken in and tools stolen.

    2 days ago, I noticed dirty finger prints on my bike

    I had a wheel lock on but I thought if they have a van or ute they can chuck it on the back and drive off, and worry about cutting the lock in their garage.

    I went and got a thick chain and drilled into the cement, (didnt tell the strata) put a thick iron anchor with dynabolts, which i rounded off so they cant unscrew them, now im looking for a padlock, but while typing in padlock security on google, got forums that talk about how to break into padlocks, they say bolt cutters cut them in less than 10 seconds.

    How to best secure your bike from theft ????
  2. what you have done +

    padlock a dog to it.

    get insurance.

    bike cover
  3. That can be more expensive than some good security

    found this

    The Bolt Cutter Myth, most people still believe that padlock shackles and chains can be easily cut with bolt
    cutters. With the development of high tensile steels and sophisticated heat treatment processes this is not
    the case and all quality shackles and chains are now highly impervious to this.

    does this say that as long as the padlock wasnt bought from the $2 junk shop it should be ok
  4. And a demo saw could probably cut through the whole bike in less than 10 seconds - so basically if someone really wants it there's not much you can do about it. Padlock and chain is usually enough to discourage casual theives that just want to take it for a joyride though, and I doubt there's professional gangs out there targetting old Across' ;).
  5. Which can also be used for the blades of bolt cutters ;)
    Still as long as the chain/lock you use is better quality than the bolt-cutters the thief is using, and has a fair amount of thickness to it, you should be alright.
  6. went to bunnings and found 2 padlocks, 1 zenith 50mm and the other lockwood
    was about to buy the zenith and read the back of the pack it was made in china, went back for the lockwood, same thing made in china, does that make them as shit in quality, like comparing a Zonshen with a BMW in the bike world????
  7. Depends if they're made with Chinese steel or not, I guess!

    Chinese steel has notoriously bad metallurgy, cracking, etc, at least for structural steel plate and the like.

    If it's made from imported, high-quality steel (and quite possibly is) then it'd be less of a concern.

    Edit: To put it another way... IBM's "Thinkpad" T-series and X-series laptops are/were regarded as some of the best laptops one could buy. Well engineered, well built, durable and reliable. They were built in China by Lenovo, but IBM would have stood over Lenovo and specified high-quality parts, materials, etc, to ensure a high quality spec.

    (I'm not 100% sure that the same quality is found in Thinkpads now that Lenovo wholly owns and operates the Thinkpad brand, though)

    But yeah, just because it's made in China doesn't mean it can't be of high specification. :)
  8. not sure of the best way, but i just use a disc brake lock that has a motion senor alarm on it. I only use it on my bike when its parked in my carport overnight. The alarm is sensitve enough that it goes off if you stand it upright, try to move it or even taking the bike cover off. I am also insured so i am not overly paranoid.
  9. If you want quality ignore Bunnings and try going to a locksmith.
    I think Abus are still made in Germany.
  10. i spent a while in the lock industry.. yeah real fun. dont even consider zenith stuff. lockwood used to import their steel to china but not sure now. as mentioned locks and so on only keep honest thieves away. saw an LJ GTR removed from a locked garage, bolted to floor, behind another car, past two cars on drive and over 5 foot fence. no-one heard or saw a thing. im lucky though as my bike is pretty well hidden at night.
  11. So what you're trying to tell us is that someone considered a BBQ more desirable than your bike?
  12. locksmith just walked into the house :LOL: abus are good, master is good, america lock is good, get a padlock with shakle protection (this is where the body extends up the shakle) and do not get a padlock with hardened stamped into the shakle, the process hardening turns metal brittle, and the bolt cutters will still cut through it

    you want a padlock with a molybdenum shackle, i have seen rigorous test which have destroyed numerous sets of bolt cutters

    find a locksmith in your area that is a bilock agent and tell them you want a SA6350S with 2 keys (s indication standard 25mm shackle length, if you need longer replace S, with SA which is a 50mm shackle length) these padlocks don't have the shackle protection but are made of the good stuff, but you will be looking at around $150-$200 but have the added benefit of restricted key way, which means noone but you will be able to get the keys cut for it, it's pick resistant (nothing is completely pick proof)

    it will be worth your money
  13. =1 to what most have said, if they want it they will take it anyway, insurance is the only real security, even if they don't actually manage to take it, they could cause a lot of damage to it trying
  14. If you are really worried about your bike being stolen ... just paint it pink.
  15. Further to what qbnspeedfreak said, don't expect a good lock to be cheap. The Abus and hardened chain that I currently use cost the missus over a hundred quid 20 years ago. Nobody's nicked our bikes though :) .
  16. Who pinches a BBQ?

  17. The hamburgler, its self preservation.
  18. A minigun is much too fast a death for a bike-thief.

    Pair of pliers and a blowtorch, however...