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How to become a better Rider?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by robbie3786, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm a newb to this forum, and most things Rider related.

    I just recently got my L's.. and currently in the process of looking for a bike to buy.

    Once i have it... i plan to ride alot to get heaps of experience etc... my quetion is.. would riding with other more experienced riders be better than going at it alone and trying to do it myself? Also, i've seen some Companies that offer more rider training for Learners and upward? Also i know that when you're on your Car Learners, you can go through the P driving test as a practice and the instructor will tell you where you need to improve etc...

    Any Help would be appreciate.


  2. Tell people where you live, and have a look around in the mentors section.
    You might find someone to give you some tips.

    If you look in the new riders section you will find many topics on roadcraft, cornering all sorts of things.

    it is a lot less painfull to learn from other peoples experiances.
  3. Find an experienced rider who is happy to ride behind you on a run up the mountains or local interesting roads - then they should be able to give you some hints & tips.

    At other times, observe them on the roads: look at posture, road-position, and procedures for braking/merging etc. And take what you think is good/right from their riding and incorporate it into your own.

    -Push yourself slightly when you have confident control of a bike.
    -If it feels 'wrong' or uncomfortable, don't do it. You have plenty of time to think about things later and decide whether or not to try them.
    -Don't take silly risks, but take reasonable ones :) ie - take a corner you can see through quicker than normal... don't do it if you can't see what's around the bend.

    -Never try to show off.
  4. What is it with all the noobs not listing where they live?!?!?!?!? :?

    If you can afford courses, do them. Better you go out with the right information in your head FIRST while your physical skills try to catch up.... rather then cement in bad habits. PLUS, you have qualified folk checking out your every move and correcting it ASAP.

    +1 what Falcon Lord said (except for the word topce :p :LOL:)

    +1 what Ktulu when you have all the basic bike controls at your fingertips such that you DO NOT need to think about how to brake, steer, change gears etc and are comfortable on the bike at typical road speeds.

  5. What do you mean by better rider? Some people think it is going fast through the twisties or on the track. Others think it is riding without being killed. The skill sets can be different.

    My advice - situational awareness. Grow eyes in the back of your head and pretend everyone is out to kill you. Once you have a well developed case of paranoia, then you will be a better rider :grin:

    No I'm serious :shock:
  6. thanks Guys...

    By better rider, i mean... being able to enjoy riding without killing my self lol.

    Robsalvv - I have updated my prfile... so others can see my location.

  7. You can f*cken talk.. I can remember 4yrs ago.. fing27.
  8. WTF??? Now that's just plain mischevious and the inference is wrong - not that it matters in the scheme of things!

    Since you've made the boast MG, that you can remember my profile back 4 years ago, what did it say about my location? (This oughta be interesting)
  9. Ride in all conditions - weather, time of day, for different purposes, types of roads, all different speeds, etc. etc.
  10. go to the mountain, push your limit. you'll be a better man if you survive :grin:
  11. It's best NOT to ride alone for too long without at least seeking advice, or some assistance froma more experienced rider.

    It's important not to develope bad habits, but right now, it is likely that you don't even realize what IS a bad habit. :grin:

    I can't say ride within your limits, since you wont know what they are...so ride at a pace and in a way that is comfortable for you. The minute you feel like you are getting beyond your abilities, or sensing that you are relying on luck alone - you probably are....So slow down a bit.
    It takes time to gather the information, develope your basic skills and become fully aqauinted with your bike.

    Keep asking questions here on NR, get into as many courses as you can afford, and make a study of riding your bike.
  12. Robbie mate, I live over in randwick and i'm happy to give you a few pointers. I'm not the most experienced rider around, but i can help you with what i know, or just give you a riding buddy :) ... pm me if you want to catch up!
  13. Hi

    Hey mate,

    My bike is my only transport so I have to ride it to work n back mon - fri n everywhere else I wanna go, also when I first started I would just not get off the thing because I loved it so much ( ZZR250 ). I started being a little pussy, scared of everything n doing like 10km's round corners n stuff lol.

    Now I am very confident on the bike in heavy traffic, cornering great n basically feel very a home n safe on the bike. I think mate the best way to become a better rider is just get out there n ride the thing, real world stuff not out of ur comfort zone but just get comfortable on the bike n trust it n u'll get there.
  14. spot on Ktulu.

    i know for myself i adapted to riding very quickly all thanks to one of my mates who had been riding for roughly 2 years. i studied how he rode and imitated him through corners, i found this very helpful for me.
  15. Signs_96_DZB2GF.

    F*cked if I know. Didnt even know about NR back then, nor was I interested
    in bikes. thefinger40_O7L454.
  16. If you even remotley mean that you are a d1ck.

    robbie, practice, practice, practice.
    get to some of the NR learner rides, find some one you 'click' with and get some more practice with them.
  17. i did that. it depends, if you wanna be a fast sport rider, look at rossi and motogp chaps, if you wanna be a fast and safe rider, look at learner rides
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  19. Rob do you have a new bike yet ? if so what did you end up buying if not then can i suggest you buying a VTR :) ok ok maybe im a little bias but they are prob the best bike to learn on bar NONE and they look much better than cbr's or zzr's or anything else learner legal with an "R" at the end of its name :)

    My location says liverpool but im now in Carlton i would be happy to ride with you if you like. Im not the most experienced rider but i can be a riding buddy :)
  20. which courses are better value? stay up right or those aussuperbike schools.?