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How to be Overtaken... Ride a CB250!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by RuKu, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. I went on a sportsbike group ride, but I only had a Honda CB250. Let's just say it was outpaced...

    If you see any incriminating licence plates, let me know. I don't think any of them are legible.

    Enjoy the flybys! 8-[

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  2. Number 13 seemed to be giving you a dirty look.

    Still, could have been worse. You could have been on a CBR125.
  3. you must have had the throttle pinned wide open to pass that tractor
  4. What is your camera set up?

    I bet you can't wait till you can overtake others.
  5. Yeah, I think #13's face probably looked something like: ಠ_ಠ
    True fact!

    I am using a GoPro HD Hero 2 with the chest mount. I use an attachment to raise the camera a little higher on my chest. Once I get a helmet mic (and a new bike...), I think I'll move back to a helmet position.

    And yes, I could drag off the CB250 with my wife's Toyota Yaris YRS. :( The CB400, at just under the restriction limit, has about 2.5x greater power/weight ratio as the CB250.
  6. nice video :applause:
    i was in a similar situation last time i went for a ride out to wisemans ferry!
  7. That was actually kinda entertaining in a weird sort of way. (I mean that as a compliment).
  8. that was funny... love the final overtake.. :D
  9. :-s I aim to please - glad you were entertained!

    Vengeance was mine. :D
  10. We've all been there, frustrating at the time but good for you going out with them and not being intimidated.

    Vids like this should be shown to all those people who say 'I want a LAMS bike I can keep for a couple years'...Yeah right!
  11. Very funny vid.

    Don't feel too bad. When I first got my cb400 I got overtaken by a scooter - it was one of those big ones though :oops:
  12. I ride with a lot of people with higher powered motorcycles. I just go at my pace at the end of the pack (TEC usually)...quite enjoyable and don't get too frustrated with catching up to cars. It does take forever to overtake a car when you get the chance (80km/hr+ zone) on a 250...rather dangerous.

    Quite enjoyed the video :). Show that tractor who's boss.
  13. Especially when the car does what most seem to do, and speed up when you try and pass them (either intentionally, or just relative to how slow they were going through the non-straight bits).
  14. Yeah, which in Victoria is actually illegal. If you are being overtaken, you have to stay at the same speed.
  15. It's illegal everywhere in the country, but I've never seen it enforced.

    In fact I've actually seen unmarked cop cars drive at 20kph or so under the limit, only to speed up when anyone tries to pass them just so they can book them for speeding (no surprise that this was in Victoria). Almost got caught out by this myself, but noticed the insignia on the drivers shoulder when I was in their blind spot and quickly backed off.
  16. gotta ask........did you know the bright spark was going to overtake you on your left FFS...........and yeah :)...... loved the last one LoL
  17. It's good to learn to be overtaken. It isn't an insult or an attack on your masculinity. It's food for the soul to realise it isn't worth losing concentration on what you are doing.

    "Beware the dark side. Anger, fear, aggression. The dark side of the Force are they"

    It also teaches you to keep a good eye out so you don't get cleaned up from behind by a Ducati at light speed. Besides, if they are more experienced than you, they should be (able to go) faster than you regardless of what you ride.
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  18. Well... the CB400 has power/weight ratio of 148 (150 is the max for LAMS)... my CB250 had power/weight of 66. And so the CB400 is 2.2x more powerful. The CB250 is sloooow. My hoped-for next bike has power/weight of about 130, so will be double the power, even though LAMS still.

    Eh, that didn't bother me really. It wasn't a netrider ride, so I wasn't too surprised.

    Thanks for the tips. I got plenty of practice being overtaken on this ride! The video isn't meant to be me whining, just a set of clips that amused me.

    Not 100% sure about your statements on experience, at least on a straight. Put them on a 17 horsepower CB250, and me on a 180 horsepower R1, and I think I'd probably take 'em. Anyway, I was aware and felt safe (if slow) on the ride.

    Thanks to all for the comments! :D :D :D
  19. Geez, all that appreciation and not one nod?
    You people are arseholes...

    Top vid RuKu...
  20. Good on ya mate, riding to both your bikes and your own ability and keeping a sense of humour to boot.
    No whinging or brandishing of number plates, some could take a leaf out of your book. You do need to get a netrider keyring though.