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How To Bar A Car From Japan - MIGHTY MODS SEASON#2

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. #1 moog, Oct 30, 2009
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    Hey Gang,

    Well the TRDLZR met a grizzly demise and we have been busy working on new episodes which as promised will include a bike special or two.

    We just got back from Japan and managed to get ourselves into the auctions amongst other places.

    It is a crazy, intense and very loud experience and we thought you guys would be interested to see the process of how a car starts its life in Japan, and ends up in Australia.

    We travel around Japan National Geographic style to get a feel for the country and then head into second hand JDM heaven. We were also surprised at how many 'imports' were for sale (Imports in Japan are euros such as VW', AUDIS, Mercedes etc)

    Was quite funny seeing High Performance Import magazine with a Golf GTI on the cover! And we saw some awesome motorbike magazines including the strangely titled 'GOO BIKE'.

    So settle in because its TV length and check out some of the RIDICULOUSLY awesome cars for sale in Japan.

  2. Umm... ahhh.. so at 11:38... errr... where's your clipart come from?

  3. Finally!

    Looked like a wicked time over east, can't wait for #2
  4. HAHAHAHAH! @ clipart

  5. Love it. Great watch boys!
  6. I wish I had a response that was suitably adequate to describe what this picture is and why we used it.... but I don't.
  7. Awesome guys loved it
  8. Since Top Gear Australia is moving to ch9, I guess that means there's room for a better, locally made, car oriented programme at SBS. :-w

  9. Great to see you back guys!

    So what did you buy, and how much did it cost? Or do we have to wait and see? You suspenseful bastards!!!

    A couple of those shiny STi-badged monsters looked good...

    Did you end up selling the Super March?
  10. Sensational...they are getting so professional! [​IMG]

    (I have been subscribed to you guys for a while and always look fwd to notification that you have posted another vid)
  11. The March is GONE! sold to a nissan collector-o-phile
  12. What grizzly end DID the TRDLZR meet? Don't tell me after all that effort that someone bought it and then pranged it???
  13. I was not a fan of the show, but I found this episode really interesting and entertaining. Im hooked now for the next episode to see what you guys bought.
  14. out of curiosity, how much would you be able to pick up a decent ferrari from the auctions for?
  15. I think the local Ferarri importers would prefer you didn't! That said, it can't hurt to ask the auction fed car dealers around the place

    the TRD Laser is now an exhibit at Pick n Payless, Blacktown.
  16. not much of a car aficionado but i liked it! you pronounced 'Umeda' wrong. it's like saying YOU but without the Y.

    do a mt fuji run to the fifth station when next you're over there:)
  17. Bloody interesting video!

    Amazing seeing the auction process happening - they seem to have it down.

    I think they mentioned in the video the Ferrari's sell for 100,000k?
  18. They forgot to mention the cars come with full ashtrays and old take away mcdonalds burgers in the back seat.

    Speedos with 100,000+ kms {that they wind them selves back when they cross time zones :-s} ,spare tyres ,mufflers ,gear boxs ,engine parts...all stuffed in the back seat {saves on shipping} on the nice uphostery.
    It not as pretty as it looks. Out of the 300+ imports I've driven straight after they land in OZ about one in 50 looks any good.
  19. You must be driving old Silvias or something because the cars at the auction were super clean, and most considered 'luxury' - certainly not cheap thrashers. That said, the auction house we attended is a very 'clean' example with good quality cars and we did not see any old 180's or similar thrashed cars.

    The guy who helped us buy our car will not buy a car if it is less than a grade 4. (5 being the best)

    And in terms of shipping, the car arrived today and we were there to meet it and it was very clean inside. Also most of the more recent cars have digial speedo's which are much harder to 'wind back'.

    There will always be dodgyness going on but if you're careful and get the right people to help you then there won't be a problem.

    The car we bought ended, including shipping etc, ended up being a bit less than 50% of the cost of the same car in Australia second hand from a dealer.
  20. Yeah heaps of silvias and 300z, 180 ,supra ,toyota surfs .....
    That place looked very good .I just feel sorry for the kids that pay like tripple the cost of the car and didn't see it before it got a make over.

    Anyways looking forward to the next show.