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How to avoid the SMIDSY - Safety Video

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Paulstar3, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Nice Yoututube clip on how to avoid SMIDSY type accidents :D
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  2. Re: The SMIDSY

    should be a sticky
  3. Re: The SMIDSY

    Fantastic vid ! I especially enjoyed listening to the analysis of whether a SMIDSY will/will not occur by studying the vehicle and whether the background is moving or not (the latter being a threatening situation) - this is the exact same technique we employ, when flying aircraft to determine if another aircraft is on the same trajectory as ours..ie, an imminent and dangerous situation unfolding !
    The presenter has an excellent manner in both detailing each and every circumstance and in making the video interesting ; pleasant.
    Awesome !
  4. Re: The SMIDSY

    Pretty good instructional video, but what is it with the intro music?? Anyone would think all motorcyclists are bogans.

    OK so I'm a bogan. Shut up.

    But it's a bit of a cliche don't ya think?
  5. Re: The SMIDSY

    This video explains why all those ****wit yahoos on motorcycles swerve around down a straight street.
  6. Re: The SMIDSY

    Pretty good vid, but I'm not sure I agree with the "Looming" bit.

    also think this side on accident has a lot to do with the natural blind spot in the human eye and that wasn't mentioned. though the content covered precautions by default.
  7. Re: The SMIDSY

    The eye is much more flawed than we realize though. Well our mind is anyway when it comes to vision.

    Our vision does two things that can potentially muck things up.
    1) It sees what we want to see
    2) It remembers what we saw last time

    So if the road was clear when we look right, after we look left and look right again, it is entirely plausible that a driver will not see a motorcyclist. Especially if they are running late...

    Concentration helps reduce the above :D
  8. Re: The SMIDSY

    did all that today and the cager still went for it.......gave him the horn, the light shows and the finger (basically the works)
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  9. Re: The SMIDSY

    Sounds like a ripper night out to me...
  10. Re: The SMIDSY

    Now THAT's a safety video.
  11. Re: The SMIDSY

    That would have been on video too. I went to Galston Gorge for the sole reason of testing out my new GoPro Chest Mount Harness. Idi0t me forgot to put the SD card back in, so ive got nothing to show for the trip and no Azn style safety video :(.
  12. Good safety vid.

    Interesting point on camouflage, how a 'block' or big slab of colour is more visible on the road compared to small blocks of colours such multitude of colours on a bike - including hi viz vest - which blends into background.
  13. I'd think flashing your high beams would make you more visible, but knowing some idiots cagers, they'd probably think you're signalling it's ok to turn out in front of you :LOL:
  14. This video is worth a revisit.
  15. +1 good to refresh
  16. Is this weaving maneuver legal? I a lot of weaving within my lane to prevent the flat strip down my front tyre and got told off by a cop one time.
  17. Ask yourself, would you rather be told off by a cop now and then and avoid the SMiDSY? Or have the SMIDSY?
  18. Of course I'd rather avoid a SMIDSY however I'd also like to know my rules and laws for next time if I was to get pulled over to "legally" cover myself.
  19. Fair enough, I don't think that there would be a specific law prohibiting you from weaving in your lane, if there is then someone can point it to us. Perhaps they could call it something else like driving without due care or similar.
    If you get pulled over again I would explain to the copper why you were weaving and ask him what law he felt you were breaking
    But hang in there, some legally switched on dudes like our mate @Justus might be able to shine further light on this for you.
    There's probably a thread discussing this issue, perhaps do a search.
  20. I've just started riding and thought about this... Great vid!!! thanks for sharing :)