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How to avoid a sore bum?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nathanh, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I started off riding an XVS250 and it was good but after about 100km I'd get a painfully sore arse. Now I have upgraded to an XVS650 with a much bigger seat and I still get a painfully sore arse after about 100km.

    So I put a lambswool cover on the seat thinking that would help, and it does absolutely nothing. If anything I think it's worse. Shifting my weight around while riding doesn't help. Standing up does help but it isn't practical.

    What do other people do to avoid a sore bum?
  2. more time in the saddle m'boy!

    100kms isnt very far, you just need to get out there :)
  3. Umm...you didn't learn about cruisers on the 250? Buy a different bike.
    Tourers and sport tourers are the most comfortable type of bikes. They put less of your weight on your backside, and can support your upper torso with your arms.

    But if your stuck on your cruiser...try an aircushion seat. Lots of info on the Ulysses site.
  4. or...

    or if ur on a long ride, stop n stretch... and give your bum a little rub too.
    go on, dont be shy!
  5. Nathan I am gonna stick my neck out here and say "are you a big heavy guy"

    It sounds very much like it, IF you are new to riding and IF you don't ride much I also agree with above poster that you really need to get out and ride, Sheeesh man, 100k is far too early to be talking sore butt..... ask me how I know :LOL:

    You might try these guys http://aussiebiker.com.au/html/airhawk.html there is some wanker down the page who says they are good.... some guy from Cooroy, Queensland :roll:
  6. Firstly, welcome to the forums Nathan :grin:

    Now that's out of the way, you can purchase gel pads to be inserted into the seat. More details can be found here
  7. +1 to everyone that said more time in the saddle anything else just doesn't work, in my opinion.
  8. different seat types can help. I am currently experimenting with the standard seat on my Monster & an aftermarket Corbin seat....the Corbin is by far the more comfortable seat for long haul rides.

    those I know who have gel inserts or gel seats swear by them....might be worth exploring that option

    however at the end of the day, there is no substitute for putting in the km's to build up resistance.....get out there & ride....
  9. Grow more hair on your arse.
  10. Learn to dodge wombats.
  11. My arse hurts like hell atm.

    I've started to cycle and 2 days of 20km rides has me grimacing in pain.

    I'll have the bike set up for me and serviced and hope that relieves the pain.

    There isn't anything worse....well, there may be but hey........

    I remember getting really really sore on the first long ride on the ZX6R, eventually it all comes good ;)
  12. Maybe drink a big glass of toughen the hell up juice? :p
  13. Loz now are you SURE it was a wombat :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I bycycle 6k a day Vic, not quite up to the 20k mark and most probably never will. My son and I ride each morning at about6am, very nice.
  14. What size containers does that come in these days ? I used it when I was a youngen, we called it beamanjuice
  15. Agreed...
  16. Try using softer toilet paper.
  17. ^^^ :twisted:
  18. You're a bunch of smart arses :roll:

    I'll try riding more and wait for my butt to petrify :)
  19. Good onya mate, our brains are already. By the way I did ask some questions and was not being a smart arse, I can be if you like :LOL:
  20. smart arse is better than being/having a sore ass.......JK :twisted:

    seriuosly try getting a corbins seat or go to a local upolster......... :wink: