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How to appease the doom merchants?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Olski1, Nov 11, 2015.

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    I am sure you all get it.... "getting a moto is a death wish" "its dangerous" "I don't know if I could be friends with a vegetable"

    Has anyone found any effective strategies to allay their fears? Logic and Stats don't seem to work.

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    It's the same as skydiving, bungie jumping etc, some people like risky things.

    Some people think its awesome to drink / take drugs etc then operate machinery, yet riding is unsafe :)

    You can never please everyone, so don't bother trying!

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  3. Just keep coming back in one piece. They get used to it after a while.
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    Sound advice.

    This is true
  5. I tell them that more people are injured in cars than on bikes, shuts 'em up straight away :rolleyes:
  6. does it hold on average? i. e per person?
  7. You'll never 'appease' them. They get off on being bearers of bad news.
    Just agree with them and get on with life.
  8. Just flip them the bird and tell the bird and tell them you'll do what you want! :finger:
  9. Tell 'em if they actually watch out for bikes on the road maybe it wouldn't be as risky....

    Otherwise ignore them, its your life. fcuk it, you could get hit by a flying piano tomorrow as well...
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  10. I tell them that when I'm riding I'm living my life, that that is when I'm most alive.

    And that I get that they don't understand, and I'm sorry for them.

    Then I walk away.

    Because the ones you'll convince already understand this at some level (they might be rock climbers or water skiers or skate boarders) and the ones you won't convince will never understand.

    And yeah some people will over simplify this and say it's just adrenallin addiction but you and I know that it's more than that :)
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  11. Overall in gross figures it does, when you normalise it against total number of bike licences and car licenses there is no doubt motorcycling is a more dangerous pastime. Stefank's advice is best keep coming back and they learn to accept it. If you do have an accident, at fault or not, be prepared for them to come out of the woodwork saying "of course you will give up motorcycling now" Such people you can never convince. They will never know the joy of a crisp spring morning, the smell of eucalyptus in your nostrils, cranked over on a sweeping bend, the roar of your exhaust coalescing in a sweet moment of nirvana. They are lesser beings and to be pitied. It is sad when they are some of your family giving you that lecture but I treat it as you would for anybody with a disability, be kind, patient and help them to achieve beyond their limitations. :)
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  12. Thanks for that mate. Another statistic I would be interested in is at fault crashes per capita. I would think riders may fair better in this criteria as we are generally more focused about our safety. I could be wrong.

    What you say is true though.... Everyone who has said something is always the cautious type who find Merry go rounds frightening.
  13. Why give a fk what others think and why feel the need to convince them otherwise? Or is it a case of you need to convince yourself?

  14. If you are interested then the Sub Forum

    Research, Studies, and Data

    has a lot of this type of information under discussion.

    Also basically 40% of bike deaths are single vehicle so the main cause is another vehicle striking you. Most (89%) occur in speed zone of less than 70k/h so inner city and suburbia is the most dangerous. Develop traffic awareness as much as you can, consider every other person may do something stupid at any time and have your escape options planned.

    Road death statistics show causes - Motorbike Writer
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    Haha... I love philosophical questions.... I am convinced dont worry!

    Thanks for that I will check iy out
  16. Here's a strategy that works. "I think you secretly want to ride." Also when one gentleman began to lecture me in a car park about the dangers of riding, he then revealed why he never got his license which was 'my wife wouldn't let me.' I laughed and said 'divorce is always an option' and walked away. Cruel, but I was having a no mercy day.
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  17. It's been said, but I always tell people that it's because of inattentive drivers that so many motorcyclist's get hurt/killed so PUT THE FRIGGIN PHONE/BIG MAC/THICKSHAKE DOWN!!!!!
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  18. I get a similar sort of thing from mates, but the question I get is "How on earth did you convince your wife to allow you to get a motorcycle?".

    My response....."What has it got to do with her? If she wants a bike she'll need to get her own."

    I got the 'Temporary Citizen' speech from a push bike Lycra hero rider recently. I just mentioned that my protective gear is a lot better than his....good luck in your next crash.
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  19. My reply is simple. " Don't knock it till you try it"