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how tight is an oil drain bolt?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by abvc, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. i am trying to unscrew the oil drain bolt. but i can't. is it just normally that tight? i am turning it clockwise. is it tighter when the engine is hot?

  2. My GPX250R service manual (i love pdf) doesnt mention the nut being left hand thread, so if its normal thread you should be turning it anti clockwise to undo it. It shouldnt be excessively tight unless a butcher of a mechanic used an air gun or something to screw it back in last time.
  3. It's a law of the Universe that it is at least twice as tight as it should be.
  4. okay i turned it anti clockwise and had 2 small nudge. after that it won't loosen even a bit. having a slight back paint now :cry:
  5. s@#t i think it's overtighten... i've tried even until the bike moved abit..
  6. Definitely do not attempt it when the engine is hot.

    Once you loosen it then you can run the bike at idle to heat up the oil before letting it out.
  7. Was the last time the oil was changed done by a mechanic? If so, then hes pbly overtorqued it. It shouldn't be any more then 20nm (2.0kg/m). You might have to take it into a service centre to get it done, and make sure they dont overtighten it when they finish.
  8. yes by a mechanic.. he also overfill the oil but i didn't see any issue so far..
  9. i can feel heat from the bolt. like a hot water
  10. Take it back to him, complain, chuck a hissy. Do whatever. If its generating enough heat to feel hot, then you will probably damage it getting it out, at least if yout ake it back tot he mechanic, say he overfilled it last time, the nut was overtightened, etc etc, then him being a decent mechanic (which he pbly isnt) would fix the problem for you.
  11. Let it all cool down, sounds like you have overtightened it by going the wrong way 1st up :roll:

    When its cool , make sure you have a 'perfectly' fitting spanner, preferably would be a socket and breaker bar. hold the socket firmly on the bolt head and using the palm of your hand try to jar 'hit' the end of the breaker bar ( in an anti clockwise motion ) and hopfully the bolt will turn.
    if not dont stuff with it any further, you'll stuff up the bolt head.... take it to a mechanic to get it removed
  12. yeah i'll give anotehr go soon. then head back to the shop and complain :twisted:
  13. You may need to put your foot against the bike to stop it from moving - otherwise the bike is likely to move before you have enough pressure to loosen the bolt. Just make sure your spanner (I use a ring spanner - just don't use an adjustable, or open ended one) is on properly before trying.
  14. i had a nut that was damaged in my sump. if youre filter access is on the sump, take the filter out and drain that way. if changing oil, dont b tight and spend 10bucks on a filter
  15. breaking news

    i made it!!! :LOL: after a trip back and forth. and wrong attempt 3 times (hopefully didn't kill the thread) and sit down. i understand i turned it the wrong way. i used top point of view, while the bolt is unscrewed from the bottom. ah at least it is out now :grin:

    ibet my bike is smiling as well :LOL:
  16. It's great that you're learning to perform basic maintenance but if you're not even sure which way to turn a bolt perhaps you should ask for someone to come over and give you a hand? You really can do some expensive damage if you don't have any idea what you're doing...
  17. yeah i know. i bought the workshop manual as well :grin:

    anyway the bike felt better after oil change. clutch is more slippery and responsive, engine is smoother :grin:

    maybe only my feeling :LOL:
  18. Bah, even expensive lessons save you money. Just ask yourself how much it would cost to get a mechanic to do what you just did - then times that by the life of the bike vs times repeated.

    You'll never (hopefully) make that mistake with a bolt again...
  19. "righty tighty, lefty loosey!"

  20. Until some prick chucks in a left hand threaded nut :D