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how tight/firm should new leather pants be at purchase?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blacknblue, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Hi All :)

    Need some wisdom here, as this newbie didn't really get too many helpful words outa the young chap at the bikestore ...

    Got to try on some lovely RST women's fit leather pants today but, only jussssssst got them on - think of the good ol' bad days of laying on yer bed to get yer most fav tightest jeans zipped up with a wire coathanger!! Well, perhaps they weren't that bad :p

    But seriously, got the standard "leather will stretch after a while" and that's about it from the young sales assistant ... did sit astride a bike, and they were tight behind the knees, and almost cutting my waist off when I reached for the handlebars! :oops:

    Aside from getting drenched/caught out in an unexpected downpour, how much will these currently tight leathers loosen up and how quickly? Currently only riding 2-3 times a week (if I'm lucky) and only short periods of time. If I go one size larger (I so don't care about the label size, they've gotta FIT properly!), obviously they're going to be more comfy, but will a bigger size stretch less being a bit looser?

    All help appreciated :) It's pay week, and I'm keen to start buying the right gear ... instead of borrowing my guy's! :grin:
  2. buy something that a firm fit, but still offer full movement of leg, arms etc.... if they are uncomfortable try another brand...all have different cuts/sizes.

    The best way i was told to judge them is to put them on then consider going for slide down the road are they too loose that they will move all around on you while siding, if so they are too loose, and yep best way to tell if to tight is hope on the bike try different lean/body positions while sitting on you bike, you will know if they are too tight.

    Also if you wear a back protector try the suit on with that on as well as normal clothes you would normally ride etc..

    cheers stewy :)
  3. Thanks Stewy :)

    I have tried women's cut Teknic (sp?) and DriRider leather pants and the fit on both was ordinary IMO :?

    The shop is getting in the next size up for me to compare to what I tried on today, but the initial impression was the size I had on today was just toooo firm to be comfortable for a NEW rider to contend with, or should have to wait for, until the leather started to give a bit ...
  4. I found Teknic & Shift very bad cuts for my body shape.

    the A* stuff seems to fit me the best - and they seem to have a bit more room in the chest area than the others.

    Dont be quick to take the gear off either - I put a suit on and walked around the shop in it for 15 minutes + - sitting on bikes ect. If you are spending that kind of money you want to be sure YOU are 100% happy with the fit before you had the cash over.
  5. Yes, leather will ease with use, but what you describe sounds too tight to be able to rely on that.

    The fit should be firm but certainly shouldn't be restrictive or cut off circulation anywhere. However, without stretch panels in strategic spots (not familiar with the RSTs so I don't know whether they've got 'em) you'll never get a comfortable "second skin" fit. Good leather worn long term will also mould to the wearer's shape which means it will become more comfortable over time.

    I'd recommend waiting to see what the next size up feels like. Otherwise, you'll need to try a few other brands/models.
  6. sounds like its jsut too tight, but i think the size up will be too loose :?
    i can remember when i first bought my leathers... omg it was hard work getting the pants on hahaha. but seriously, they loosen up alot. it needs to be tight, should be comfortable when you get on a bike, as they should be cut for a riding position, not for walking about in. when i say comfortable, you will know you're wearing them, coz they havent stretched yet, but def not cutting off circulation, thats too tight.

    either way, once you have a set, wear it about the house a bit to loosen it up. i did the same with my boots as well, helps a fair bit.
    and riding 2-3 times a week, short rides? now you have an excuse, loosen up the leathers. i expect for 6-7 rides a week, long rides :cool:

    oh and :worthlesspics: :p
  7. My leathers are Joe Rocket. They are the most comfortable clothes I own. Get them firm to start with they stretch a heap.
  8. ... currently, a few reasons for only short riding 2-3 times a week:
    my guy owns the bike I'm riding part-time
    he rides it to work M-F
    my own work commits
    ... and I'm still a fair bit nervy :p

    Thnx for the tips re leathers :)
  9. If you need a shoe-horn to get your nuts in, they *might* be too tight.

    Depends if you go for that sort of thing :LOL:

    EDIT: Chick rider... never mind :oops:
  10. How come we never see you in leather aaarrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!
  11. :LOL: if she needs help getting her nuts in, there's something rreally odd going on :p

    we do.
    you dont. :p
  13. We will be after you post the pics :wink:
  14. One last (few) word/s on the Dainese 2 pc I got today ... I told my guy what I'd bought when he got home from work, he kindly chuckled and said "your kit will be better than you ride!" to which I said, "yeah that maybe so - currently - but at least I'll look as though I know what I'm doing" :cool:

    Roll on next pay!!!! :roll:

    Thanks everyone for your input :grin:
  15. You will post picture of your good self aboard your steed, though, won't you?
    This advice is not free.
  16. Yes I will post pics of her riding me, err I mean the bike :LOL:
  17. Hmm, keep it G-rated though. Perhaps Pm them for approval first :p
  18. Sure Joel, no probs :)

    AS IF!!!!! :LOL:
  19. Here ya go Joel and slickncghia, something I prepared earlier: