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how tight are motorcycle boots supposed to be?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. i just bought a pair of gaerne boots from MCAS.

    it is tight but not crushing. lengthwise its my foot + 1-1.5cm.

    it is tighter than my casual shoes, which dont press against my foot in the toe area as much.

    One size up is more comfortable, but there is a bigger gap lengthwise (foot + 1.5-2cm)

    the shop said being leather it will stretch and so the tightness will go away. is this true? how much will it stretch?

    what do you guys think? i can still exchange for size

  2. Go and get the next size. With the boots I had, they were snug but by no means did they feel tight or anything nor did I notice it. Don't listen to the bs of "it will stretch and be ok". I listened to that once and never again. If they're not comfortable when you first try them on then they never will be.

    The first pair of boots I had were Gaerne. They were all right but I got the next size up because the first size I tried were just a little too snug for my liking. It also meant I could put thicker socks without problem.

    My second pair of boots were Alpinestars SMX-4. They fit perfectly and were good enough to walk around in as well (the Gaerne boots were not as comfortable).
  3. Yep, GT is right.

    Get the bigger size so you can use thicker socks. If they are snug now, an explorer sock will make them unbearable.

  4. Tight enough so that they don't come off while your sliding down the road! (lets hope that never happens)

  5. Hey daedalus

    I had the same dilemma yesterday. I bought a Pair of Joe rocket Meteors with adjustable heel lift strap.(y)
    I have short wide feet so i find most boots feel like clown shoes.
    I tried on a few different sizes but ended up with the "larger" (correct) size.

    Glad I did. I wore them out of the "Shop" and during the day, I found my toes just tickling the end of the boot while riding. Had I have gone for the smaller size my toes would have been crushed into the toe of the boot and ruined what turned out to be a great ride.

  6. Im like Uncle, I have to wear UK14 boots to fit my feet across, BUT i have like 3cm at the toes...
    Why didnt i take up swimming as a sport...
  7. You sound like you are experienced. So it should feel snug but not tight? or even snug is too tight?

    mine feels snug. the size up feels more comfortable (because its loose!), however my foot can slide up and down it slightly if i rubbed the floor with my feet

    EDIT: i put them on and sat on my bike to change gears. definitely harder than my ankle boots, which are larger but being ankle boots allow more freedom around the joints.
  8. Like Vic said, the trick is to put on a pair of thick/Explorer socks and see how they fit. You don't want your boots to be tight. My personal guide is that if they're snug (but by no means tight) with Explorer socks then that's my size.
  9. You don't want them loose enough that your foot can move around inside them though...

    Sounds like you're smack between sizes - did you try any other brands, as sizing can vary between manufacturers?
  10. they will stretch a little bit but not as much as a pair of running shoes.

    I would put on 2 pairs of explorer socks then put the boot on. The fit should be fairly tight. Your foot should not slide around in the boot.
    If you are in between sizes then perhaps get the bigger size with a set of heel grips fitted to the boot.
    They essentially make the inside of the boot a little shorter to prevent your hoof from sliding around.

    Good luck, nothing worse than ill fitting boots.
  11. They should be snug in the vertical dimension such that your foot touches the upper with no play - i.e. your foot shouldn't move up & down (as opposed to forward & backward). This is so that they don't come off in a crash.

    If unsure, get someone to try to pull them off you when securely fastened. If it seems like you might slip out then it's no good.
  12. Try on some other boots, you'll find one that fits.
  13. Try them on late in the day with thick socks, they should be snug, not tight...
  14. i tried the next size. its looser. when i walk but heels lift off the bottom of the boot abit

    might go to their auburn branch to check out other sizes then as the sydney store only has this model in my size...
  15. I had the same problem when I tried on a pair of Gaerne boots, tight around the toe area. The next size up was just too big. I ended up buying a pair of sidi's (same size as the tight Gaerne's) and they fit perfectly.