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how think should leathers be??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kyo3email, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. I just recently ordered a leather jacket and it is leather is 0.9mm thick

    Is this too thin? Everything else out there seems to be thinker and double reinforced etc, etc.

    Yes i know there are different levels of protection.

    However i was wondering is there some sort of general ratio of thickness of leather vs abrasion resistance?

    Just wonderin.
  2. Sounds a bit light to me. Most leathers I've seen advertised are 1.2mm thick.
  3. how think should leathers be??

    If leathers could think it wouldn't matter how thick they were! pmsl!
  4. Sorry about the bad spelling :oops:

    Yeah most i've seen are 1.2mm thick as well. .... Hmm...
  5. Is it a bike jacket with reinforcement and armour, or a fashion leather jacket?
  6. Thicker than the wearer, is the best policy. Mine are 50mm. I am due for a new set though.
  7. it should be thin enough to not restrict movement and thick enough as to not wear through in an off :p
  8. Your leathers are 5cm thick?? That's BLOODY thick - never heard of them being that thick, and you think that you're due for a new set? :shock:
  9. It is a reinforeced motorcycle Clover brand jacket with ce shoulder and elbo armour.

    It is not a fashion jacket having said that i'm buying it cuz my textile jacket was a bit overt off the bike. That and it is hard to find a leather jacket that fits well. I have skinny arms and many of the more casual/retro styles jackets are a fraction looser around the elbos than i would like.

    Will the 0.3 mm make a huge difference?
  10. That's what I was thinking too :shock:
  11. While I can't give you a certain speed that it should be good up to I would think at street speeds it should be fine. Most leathers seam to have the ability to survive multiple offs successfully, I would think the difference the extra thickness is likely to make on the street is the number of offs it would survive before needing replacement.
  12. sblack wrote:
    That the kind of info i was looking for.
    Cheers sblack
  13. Last time I heard anything about them, Clover was a pretty good quality product. That was a few years ago.

    Depends what animal the hide came from. Cowhide, you would ideally like 1.2mm and up, but if it's kangaroo it can be under 1mm and still give the same protection, 'cause it's tougher. If it's pig, you might as well throw it away.
  14. titus wrote:
    I've heard kangaroo leather is exceptionally good. My guess though is that the one i ordered is cowhide...

    Out of interest how do you tell the difference between the two. Is there a differnce in the way it feels or visually?

    Yeah the quality of clover is really nice. That why i leaned towards them for a new jacket. But i only looked at the thickness of the leather for the particular jacket i was ordering after i requested it. :roll:
  15. Go home Muslim.

  16. :rofl:
    At least you can be sure that the Pakistani stuff isn't pig! :LOL:

    Kyo, ring them or email, and ask them. Most manufacturers will be more keen to tell you if they are using kangaroo because people know it is good.
    That's not the whole story though. Naturally tanned hides of any kind tend to shrink more than chemically tanned ones, too. But they last longer, and feel softer.
    Can't say for sure if it makes then more abrasion resistant, though.
  17. titus. Cheers for the infomation. :grin:
  18. Its for real, its a special blend of white rhinoceros, great white shark and manatee :p
  19. Are you sure it isn't Dugong... the only difference is that a manatee tail is paddle-shaped, while a Dugong tail is forked...

    They are always substituting Manatee leather with that cheap @rse dungong crap...