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How they test sheepskin motorcycle seat covers . . . .

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Here is the head research and development tester seeing how those motorbike sheepskin covers perform on the track . . . .

    ROFL @ Scrambles . . . . :rofl:


  2. no, no, he's getting material together for Hornee Jeans......
  3. I reckon the pic was taken at the Auckland Sexpo! :wink:
  4. Brilliant!
  5. It's actually the new model scooter from Lamb retta.

    Does require a little more velcro on the gloves though.
  6. did anyone ask the Sheep how it feels???

    or was it a Ram Scrambles???? I dont think ewes have horns???

    Either way it dont look too happy!!!


  7. A future Ewe-lysses cruiser ??? :p

    Get it ??
    Ewe = U as in Ulysses . . .

    ahhhh, forget it !
  8. There's no need to ram home the point, Micky
  9. Thats barrrrbaric
  10. Shear bliss? :LOL:
  11. Gromit wrote:
    He's not wearing the proper boots.
  12. I bet lambs fry wasn't on the menu for breakfast.

    I hope you got her numbarrrr
  13. Looks like a fast sheep....

    Must have RAM air........
  14. bet ya everyone is racking their minds to get that ultimate punch line !!

    How about this one . . .

    Is he immitating turn 2 at the Italian San Merino Grand Prix ???

    Paul, do you get it ??
    Merino = sheep
    San Marino = racetrack !!

    get it !, get it !
  15. Well it sure as hell wont be the Melbourne sexpo.... Australian sheep are bloody ugly...

  16. Yes, I got it already, no need to explain it, sheesh....

    So where is the suspenders picture???
  17. OK OK
    What's white, has 6 legs and goes round and round a paddock?

    A ram doing a U-ey (e w e - get it? Oh never mind) !
  18. Sorry, we didn't go to Dancers on Bayswater Rd after the show Paul . . . ask Sleddog !! :p

    Ooooh, you mean Draggin Suspenders . . .

    It was taken on Haggismaen's camera !!