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How the Media Report Motorcycle Accidents

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. This media release was put out by the Vic Media Police Unit today:
    MOD: Article changed slightly since it was a rider down post but that was not the point of this particular post
    This is how it was reported on radio next morning:

    Note the lack of important detail - no mention by media of:

    A. No helmet

    B. Unregistered

    C. Not roadworthy bike

    Minor oversights I'm sure. But, how does it reflect on the majority of we who are properly licenced etc?

    I was tempted to call the radio station in question this morning and ask them to include all the detail in their report - but, I didn't, because I felt it would be a waste of time coming from "just one voice".
  2. I don't like the detail on the police reports. Too much blood/pornography. Safe riding messages on the expense of some family's grief is to chock, not to educate.

  3. I have a few view points on this .

    before i say them i understand where your coming from John and your intentions are for motorcycling but , let it slide.

    firstly some poor family just lost a loved one and because the media didnt point the finger at him and differenchiate between road bike and other then you are going to make an issue of it .
    How would the family feel hearing this kind of stuff over the radio all in the name of stats.
    I see it as disrespectfull and using his death as a oppertunity.
    if you want to deal with the stats issue , take it up through other avanues like VMAC, etc, not on the back of this riders death especially considering he was only killed today.

    melton has a lot of trail bike riders out here , they are a problem , they have even been a problem to the extent that melton police have 2 trail bike coppers in there traffic section.

    let it slide and then address it in the proper forums at a later date.
  4. Grobby, normally I'd be all over this like a rash and delete it but I've changed the article slightly to make it slightly more palatable.
    Johns intent is to highlight how accidents are reported, not to wallow in the how to's and speculation of the poor riders death.
    Anyone who will turn this into a speculative post or otherwise will have their post deleted.
    This is a post about media reporting not a rider down post
  5. I arent talking directly about it being here , I was refering to John wanting to make it an issue on the radio station.
    I see johns point , but believe there are suitable avenues to approach the issue than via the radio , because really the general public dont care about riders stats and how the media report it .
    Especially on the day of the incedent and also not even knowing the circumstances behind it either.
  6. Thanks for that Smee. That was my intention - I wasn't surmising on the accident itself - but more on how we are percived as a result of media reporting.

    I would be interested to hear other's feeling on the Media - not this accident - and the way they missreport through misquoting media realses sent to them by various agencies yadda, yadda, yadda....
  7. Every morning on Red Symons' show he has a member from the Police media unit on to talk about things that occured overnight.

    A couple of times when they reported motorcycle related events, it was usually that the rider hit something. By that statement it was infering fault, when, at that point in time, neither the coroner, nor the police had concluded their investigations and published a cause.

    So, I wrote to Red to ask if he could raise this issue. ie. ask why they can't simply report that a crash had occured, and that fatalities/injuries occured without any further details.

    The woman who responded to this laughed it off, saying something like, "I s'pose this guy is a motorcyclist?" or words to that effect.

    In more recent times, given that publicity that this unit has had, and knowing someone who personally is at a senior officer level in the unit (or was a year ago), it only reinforced my contempt for it, being a haven for those members who can't hack the front line duty that other police members have to endure. They go off and do a pissy arts degree and get promoted beyond their competance and end up running a station or a district without any clue as to general policing.
  8. Do they abbreviate car and pedestrian fatalities also?
  9. It doesn't really matter how the media report it, as long as it gets recorded in the statistics correctly, and that those statistics are used for planning future legislation, traffic services, roads, etc.

    The immediate negative reporting does have an impact on public perception I suppose, but the public is fickle, and forgets easily. Perhaps some positive reporting is in order to balance the overall perception a bit.

    There lies your challenge.

    PS: If they had said:
    Then we would all be up in arms about the 4WD, unfairly.
  10. It doesn't say whether the rider was licenced or not.
    But he was riding an unregistered vehicle. So he did commit a crime.
    Thankfully nobody else was injured.
    The incident should be reported as being a crime, not a traffic accident.
    I'm sorry for the families grief, but the rider is not the victim.

    Yes it does matter how it's reported. Just because you can ride a bike, doesn't make you a motorcycle rider.

    However i don't think correcting one media outlet will produce any long term results in the matter of public perception v's motorcycle riders.

  11. I'm sure that this time last yer, 4WD's were the target of the media animals.
    this is proof that they are dangerous :LOL:
    seriously, i am surprised that they mentioned that it was stationary. surely leaving that out would have sold more copies!
  12. OK - here is a question. Was this really a motorcycle accident? Or was it just that a motorcycle was an ingredient?

    When Joe Public hears about an accident where a motorcycle is involved, he automatically attributes it to motorcycle riders in general - a la "the guy was riding a bike - so he must know what he was doing and how to ride one etc."

    A close friend of mine is of the opinion that incidents of this type are not "motorcycle accidents" - but you need to follow the logic being applied... If the statistics were recorded properly, they would be broken down into many other sub-categories. For, only when we know some other factors/stats can we really start to get to the real picture...... which will help us to produce better legislation.
  13. I tend to look at it as NOT a motorcycle accident. It's more an "IDIOT behind the controls of an UNSAFE Vehicle". < No disrespect intended.. BUT
    A. No helmet
    B. Unregistered
    C. Not roadworthy bike .
    :roll: :roll:
    Now if you saw a motorist driving a vehicle that was:
    A: Unregistered
    B: Unroadworthy ( to the extreme )
    and was NOT wearing ..
    C: No seatbelt
    ..wouldn't you all be thinking this is an ACCIDENT waiting to happen? :shock:
    It just does not reflect your 'typical' motorist/motorcyclist
  14. again John you use this to push your agenda, you have no idea what the general public think, you know what you want them to think to justify you cause .

    i asked my neighbours ( because it happened near me ) and i will tell you what they thought.

    XX= a young life wasted, i feel for his parents.
    XX Husband= thats two trail bike deaths he has had close to him in the last few years.

    OO= tradgic is what it is.
    OO husband= it doesnt suprise him, they tear down his street , no helmets, no safety gear , it was bound to happen.

    As i said before there is a problem with trail bikes in this area , the police have resorted to buying bikes to follow them as they tear through the streets and when the police try and pull them over they head for the paddocks.
    these kids are as young as 13 right through to adults.
  15. Umm, yep, it was a motorcycle accident. I would like to see it properly categorised in any analysis, such as Trailbike Motorcycle Accident/Unroadworthy/Failed To Wear Safety Gear, or something, but generally under the heading Motorcycle. We have wonderful things called databases these days, often used to separate the relevant from the irrelevant.

    When Joe Public hears about a road accident, he automatically attributes it to drivers in general. You can say the same about Push Bike riders, 4WDers, truck drivers, and so on. So what?

    Wow, you think Joe Public associates riding a motorcycle with better skills? Great. Isn't that what we want?

    A guy I met in an elevator once thought accidents happen because there are idiots in the world.

    Umm, I think that is what I said. :grin:

    Sorry John, it just seemed that you missed my point, and then restated it.

    We just need to make sure that individual incidents are not allowed to be used to make inappropriate changes to legislation, and that changes are based on statistically relevant issues.

    For example: The recent case up north (NSW or QLD?) of one accident where three or four young people were killed on a straight piece of road with a P Plate driver is a case in point. The parents thought their kids could not be fooling around, or drunk (they weren't) or anything. Noone knows why they crashed, but the parents wanted massive changes to laws around young drivers. It was totally inappropriate to even consider such changes.
  16. Hmmmm,.....

    G'day everyone,.....

    I know a couple of hundred thousand Sporting Shooters who say the same thing!

    You will find any group looks for this kind of concideration/outcome.
    However,polititions don't operate that way,there in lies the problem.

    Just my thoughts.

    Dr Who?
  17. It is unfortunate that the laws have to be written to accomadate the lowest common denomenator, i mean idiot.

    It is all to common that the majority of responsible people within an activity usually get dragged down in public opinion by a small few. However in this case I think that radio, and particularly FM radio run the breifest version of news known to man and therfore remove any details possible...... ususally with no bad intentions.

  18. Channel Nine news on Saturday reported this incident as a "Monkey Bike" crash, and showed footage of the bike wedged into the front of the 4WD.
  19. It was a "monkey bike" and will not be included in the motorcycle statistics for the year - it comes under "other" or "motorised toys" or whatever but it is NOT included in the motorcycle statistics.
  20. Crashes in General

    Whether it's a motorbike or car the media rarely let the facts get in the way of good story.
    And neither does MUARC - which is the cornerstone of the Government/TAC/Police/Media slant that speed and/or alcohol is the cause of most collisions.
    If speed and/or alcohol is involved the media is all over it and the court of public opinion kicks in and the dog starts chasing its tail all over again.
    If the collision is caused throught stupidity, inexperience or downright wrong place wrong time, nothing is said.
    There are many thousands of collisions in Victoria every year which are not reported in the media. No alcohol, no speed, no drugs, and some of these are fatalities.
    We only hear about the really bad ones with a juicy story. And for the poor bloke who was at the start of this thread, he would be more widely reported on if he was a drunk or drug affected lunatic driving at 4 times the speed limit.

    My condolences to his family and friends.