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How the (insert colourful word here) do i cut a tennis ball?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by aerodynamic, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. ive been trying for a while now with an assortment of scissors and knives, and i can't really do much...

    Ps. i don't have a vice / saw....

    any help appreciated!
  2. Are you by any chance trying to make the layout for the P's test?

    Try using a stanley knife? but be careful! i reckon i would hold the ball stil with one hand and saw away at it with a serrated blade knife till there was an opening and then cut into that hole and all the way around :)
  3. i am making the layout for the MOST :)

    thanks mate. Hadnt thought of that....now to find a serated blade...
  4. bread knife.
  5. :WStupid:
  6. Be careful though. Hate to see it shimmy off the ball into your hand.
  7. Use a small rock instead... Back when I was practicing, I just used some chalk markings, spoilt kids these days!
  8. Ride to a big home hardware or bunnings just before closing, buy a small hacksaw and it will cut em easy, then when they shut use the carpark to practice the most test in :grin:
  9. Nah you won't be able to cut through a tennis ball with a rock.

    Try a hacksaw.
  10. You can cut them with scissors, but first you have to pierce the tennis ball with the scissor point - one blade inside the ball and one outside and then you can cut.
  11. I find a lawn mower is tops for cutting tennis balls. Can't guarantee the shape though. :cool:
  12. Watch the house windows though, some times the bits come out prety fast.
  13. angle grinder
  14. Stick it in the freezer overnight and then have at it (quickly) with a small hacksaw (which you need anyway, right?).
  15. :rofl:

    ahhhh youz guys, the littlest things can be so funny!
    This thread should be in Jokes and Humour :LOL:

    thanks :p
  16. as you dont have a bandsaw, angle grinder or any man like tools get a drill off one of your mates and drill a hole. dont hold it with your hand. put it on the ground with a few bricks to hold it. after the hole is drilled then run a stanly down the side of the ball a little bit at a time holding the top of the ball and cutting close to the bottom as you sit it on an old piece of timber.
    or.. get some tools.
    or.. just use beer cans.(they make a noise when you hit them)
  17. stanley knife.
  18. Well i think you could hit it with a hammer a few times to "soften" the ball then try hacking at it "gently" with a saw while screaming LOUDLY at the ball. The louder you scream and tell the ball off the more it will respect you and listen. After you have made some sort of opening in the ball have your way with it and throw it out.

    Wait this was about making it into markers for MOST practice right? :p

    But yeah dude just use a stanley knife or even just a kitchen knife, i suggest being very careful and inserting the knife to create a whole in the ball then just use that to guide the knife around in a circle.
  19. you could get a pack of cheap tennis balls from a $2 shop as the join is weak as p!ss and you could probably get two perfect domes just by giving it a good whack.

    Failing that, beer cans would be a good substitute.
  20. want a tennis ball in 2 pieces , just throw it to my dog to play fetch, should be in half in about 5 seconds and as a bonus is lubricated so it doesnt damage your tyres on practice runs