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How the Hell

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Dog3oy, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Is it simple or am I missing something :twisted:
    All i need is a user manual for my bike and if I'm lucky a maintenance manual.
    Is there one place i can go that will have it all.

    In this modern day of technology I foolishly presumed i could down-load the manual :?: :?: :?:

    Please help
  2. I was hunting for the service manual for my ZZR, couldn't find it anywhere except through a Kawasaki dealer
  3. User manual should come with the bike. If not, talk to the manafacturer or dealer about getting a new one.

    Workshop manuals usually cost money. You should be able to order one over the net.
  4. check out wheels of time in dandenong - they have manuals for most bikes available. (10 clow street - 9792 3944
  5. Thanks guys

    (better get some work done)
  6. If you can get hold of a microfiche (sp.?) reading machine, they practically give them away in surplus stores, then you can buy it all from your Honda dealer.
    >Workshop manual
    >Spare Parts list
    >Owner manual.

    Usually they only cost less than $10.00 each through spare parts.
  7. The trouble with microfiche is you cant take it out to your bike & look at it whilst you are working on it. You can take it to certain places to get printed off but at 50 cents a sheet it is cheaper to go & buy a manual -been there done that :D :D
  8. I found mine by searching ebay. Cost about $8.00 delivered (pdf on a CD).
  9. check bike stores,if not ebay mate cos i paid $5.00 for my manual and it came in a cd format
  10. Thanks guys
  11. Hi Dog3oy, just letting you know that my mate looked everywhere for his NX650 manual, but he thinks it must have been with the bike when he stacked it. Sorry I couldn't get it for you! :(
  12. No problem, thanks for checking.
  13. Spud,
    This thing is killing me, is there a prob with the motorhead website? i couldn't get the download without pulling an error. I'll try again tonight.
  14. [u=http://www.books4cars.com/search~findmake~Honda~finddesc~NX.htm]service manual[/u]
  15. GOLD !!!

    We have a winner

  16. oop's not quite there, I'm going to bite the big one and give Honda a call. Bloody cyber space :)

    big thanks for everyone's help Spud the link you have is gold, my file was screwed but all the other files were spot on. groberts03 thanks man, good link but i'm after the 1995 and they only had the 88. HondaGal thanks for trying.

    you guys rock
  17. I got the manual for my XV250 from ebay on CD (.pdf files) - so if anyone needs a copy on CD - PM me. :D