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How the Hell did that come off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twisties, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. So I was on a 15 minute break at work today and thought I'd have a perv at the 2 wheeled p0rn on the footpath when I noticed the cap off my VTR250's water/coolant bottle was missing :|

    Amazingly, it's still got plenty fluids in it so physics is doing it's job but I was wondering where I could go to get a replacement. Preferably west of melbourne if anyone's clued up.

    It's kinda random hence the lack of searching before hand.

    Thanks in advance to any and all replies :]

    P.S. I might as well ask in the same thread, what sorta prices would I be looking at for a workstand? (no centre stand damnit)

  2. i'd just pop on down to your local wreckers and grab one, might cost you all of about $2. otherwise find another vtr250 owner and 'borrow' theirs :p

    workstand prices vary alot depending if you want the rolls royce for full access or just a stand to get one wheel up at a time or whatever

    anywhere from $60 to like $2,500
  3. Same thing happened to me... Just checked the bike over one morning and found it wasn't there. I figured I hadn't set it back properly after checking the coolant.

    A new one from Redwing Honda only cost a few bucks.
  4. Would anyone know the closest honda dealer to melton? I'm kinda a fair way out. I'm also lookin for a good place to get the bike serviced (a little short of the service interval but I just wanna make sure my first 3000 learner k's haven't rattled it too much)
  5. there is a bike shop down the street between holden and another dealership on the main road in to melton mate. can remember the name of the place but not that hard to find.
  6. Twisties, bring it over here we will get some oil and a filter from bike mart and do a service on it.

    Its piss easy and i'll show you a few other things to check over too..

    We may as well clean your chain so you know how to do that too!

    Text me when you get this and we'll organize it some time this week.

    Ohh and if its the over flow bottle anything that holds water should do for the mean time as long as the tube into it is submerged.
  7. This may help.
  8. You never know about these things. That's why it always pays to just have a general walkaround your bike when putting your helmet, gloves etc on. Gives me an excuse to perv some more on my beautiful machines. I have found a few little things that way. Most notably, the left bar-end balancer on the CBR was missing. It was there when I left home one morning on a country ride west of Canberra and when I stopped on the way home near Yass, I was having a casual glance around and noticed it was gone. The metal inner sheath had fractured and half the entire balancer unit had disappeared with the inner half still securely in place half an inch inside the bar.

    As for the cap, any Jap bike wreckers in your area? Might save paying genuine prices for what should be a cheap bit of plastic and rubber.