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How the cops caught - I assume a speeding rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. So one morning I am riding along Warringah Road (Forestville, NSW area), crossing the Roseville bridge just before it becomes Babbage Rd. I'm in the far left lane coasting along. A sports bike comes zooming past in the far right lane. I didn't really think he was going too fast but who am I to judge. Next minute I see lights flashing but no siren coming up in the same far right lane. Instantly I think, "they are after that bike"...

    As the cop car went up the hill. they switched their lights off. Obviously not wanting to "warn off the biker they are after him". You can see them scoping the lanes looking for the biker. They filter through the traffic until they are right behind him...lights and siren go on.

    Sneaky buggers!
  2. cops where out in force today, must be a blitz on
  3. i saw the same HWP vehicle pull someone over in kent st, then 5 minutes later he pulled someone over in the opposite direction ( all within 3 metres of each side of the road )
  4. HWPs on Mt. Keira road yesterday, trying to stop me fine tuning my suspension.

  5. Any chance the cops were travelling at a speed at which the chase should have been called off?
  6. Good question - and trying to mask it as they did it
  7. why would they be there? barely possible to speed on that road...
  8. I cross that bridge almost everyday, everyone speeds well past the 80-to-60 sign.. I don't, a friend nearly got killed when he sped up the hill and straight into a ute crossing/mounting the median strip at east Roseville shops ( my friend had incorrectly assumed the ute driver was simply taking the inside lane, and didnt antcipate the ute suddenly stopping across two lanes to prepare to mount the strip). he had enough time to lock up the front wheel and drop his lovely vfr750, the guy drove off but had his rego noted by witnesses.
  9. pfft ....didn't you guys know, cops have this 'Imminent Death/Injury Radar' installed inside their vehicle, which warns them off ALWAYS, perfectly 5 mins before someone dies or is injured in a chase, helping them to call the chase off with perfect timing..... :p
  10. It shocked me too. I was well under the speed limit both times I passed it, but I was mid corner both times. I've learned long ago not to speed on the straight bits. I'm more interested in learning how to go around corners as smoothly as I can, which on that road means it's perfectly legal.
  11. Nice! Someones a veteran of the Chapel St Canary brigade outside KFC
  12. Are they still doing that?'

    I remember years ago when they had one dood up the road near the Jam Factory checking regos and the Sherrif, TMU's, VTD, EPA were all waiting down the road out the front of Chasers Nightclub pulling them into the carpark at the rear of KFC and "Dealing with them"
    I recall seeing a Mobile EFTPOS machine being pointed at some driver one time.

    They will get you if you owe them money.
  13. A mate used to be in the towing trade and I spent several Saturday nights riding shot gun with him waiting for the "Have to be towed" cars. Certainly saw some interesting stuff in that car park off Chapel St.

    The bloke in the Ferarri who argued for 20 minutes that he didn't need a front number plate (perhaps he was a confused rider) was my personal highlight, and he got dragged in again 30 minutes later to start all over again...........

  14. Naah, not really. And they also pretty much had a clear run coming round that bend and up the hill. But I was thinking, by the time they caught up with him, he would have had to slow down 'cause of the traffic. So if he was speeding, I assume they would book him for speeding when they first clocked him?
  15. Me too (cross that bridge almost everyday and totally agree about the speeding. I don't either. Ridden past a few nasty bike-car accidents on that Babbage/Warringah Rd
  16. I rekkon, big odds on :

    Höw fast were you going mate? I was doing the speed limit & I couldnt keep up with you...

    If I had a dollar for evreytime I heard that, I would only have a few bucks, but Im sure they try that on a lot. I argued once in my first cage that they didnt have me on radar and the response was...those rear tyres are bald, so I agreed to the speeding. Now I know not to speed in Trafalgar!
  17. :LOL::LOL:
  18. was that the blue unmarked falcon? i see him all the time on mona vale rd
  19. Got to love how they ignore all the cars doing 100 down the roseville bridge and just go for the bike which has the decency to do at least the speed limit up the hill, rather than half the stingy cagers crawling up at 60 to save fuel.