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How the bike are ya?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Black, May 12, 2008.

  1. gday

    I have been reading the forums a fair bit lately as now myself and my mate are both now booked in for our Learners up-right course 21st + 22nd of June!!! This will be at Rouse Hill (NSW) for those in the area. so thought was a good time to say hello and hopefully learn about the 2 wheel revolution and find some people in the area :grin:

    Cheers Blake. :cool:

  2. Blake, you'll learn ALL sorts of stuff on Netrider; some of it might even be useful :LOL:

    Welcome to the party :).
  3. Hi Blake,and welcome :)

    I did my Ls at Rouse Hill - it was scary at first, but had a blast by the end of it. My instructor, David, was absolutely brand spanking fantastic! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

    He was patient, answered all my questions, and was super encouraging. I heard that all the other instructors there are the same - very helpful!

    Keep us posted on your progress and good luck! :wink:
  4. cheers guys!! i'll let you no how it all goes !! do you guys have a members rides thread at all? Hopefully one day soon i'll have something to throw up

    Cheers Blake :cool:

    :arrow: Also, How do i go about booking the knowledge test? Can this be done prior to taking the up-right?