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How sturdy is a straightened-out sidestand?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. So some bugger in Bacchus Marsh backed into the bike today, digging the side stand into the asphalt and bending it out of shape.

    He stuck around and is willing to pony up for that damage, which was good of him. However, a new sidestand being worth $110, he's pretty keen just to get it straightened out using some heat.

    I'm not all that keen on the idea - for starters, the bike's pretty mint except for that stand and I hope to sell it for good dollars when I'm ready to. But the main thing is, how sturdy will the stand be if it does get straightened out? It's pretty badly bent - it only just holds the bike up at the moment, and any additional weight on it whatsoever curves it even further.

    Also, if it's heat-straightened, will it be noticeable to look at?

    Cheers guys!
  2. Hi Loz,

    try talking to the guy and make the suggestion that if he can't afford a new stand for you now, that any further damage done to the bike due to an inadequately straightened side stand will be billed to him. ... wonder what his answer will be to a new side stand then??

    Cheers ... :)
  3. I have seen many bike stands been straightened out .
    I have a friend who is an engineer if you pm me i will email him your details and drop him a line so he can email you back

    when you pm me give me as much details as you can
    how far it is bent , where on the stand etc , type of metal , type of bike etc etc

    he may be able to help you out or at least give you a opinion
  4. Generally speaking, if done correctly it wont be a problem. But hey, after all they did cause damage to your bike. Get them to cough up for a new stand.
  5. I wouldn't trust it with all the weight of a bike on it.

    Metal fatigue is a very real thing, and is the reason why whenever you stack your bumper on your car they make you replace the supports....

    Get a new one, just for the peace of mind :)
  6. As Vic pointed out, they did the damage so they should pay for a new one....cheeky buggers!
  7. Gte a couple of quotes for removal, straightening and refitting for $150........
  8. Bike stands do unexplicably snap sometimes, a straightened stand would be much more likely to do so.
  9. straightening a side stand....??
    yes(maybe) and no!
    there are 2 types of side stands
    those made from a solid forging (on most bikes)
    and those made from a steel tube
    (usually only on smaller or 250 bikes)

    the ones from steel tube are usually mild steel and can
    with some knowledge be straightened without losing their strength
    (you have to get the kink in the tube out)

    if you bend a metal forging, yes it can be straightened
    but that process upsets the 'grain' of the forging and it nevers recovers
    its full strength (and is likely to bend again).
    Yes, it can be heat treated or nitrided (or whatever) to increase strength but these are only surface treatments and so, a forged sidestand once straightened will never be as strong, so it is not recommended...
    source of the above?
    the metallurgists in our forge shop at work :D
    their advice?
    get a new one!

    my 2c
  10. I'd agree with yoda, once you reheat to straighten it out, the heat affected zone surronding the area will be weaker too. To regain it's orginal strength, you'll need to cold work the stand once you've heated it. It'll be easier to replace it. That's the safest option...

    But, I reckon it'll be right if it's reheated and straightened. Just gotta have the force acting straight through the effected area and not outwards if you know what I mean.
  11. Hey Loz,
    I will give you a quote to straighten this out, if you need this on an official letter head this can be arranged.

    Remove stand $10
    Heat and straighten stand $60
    Rechrome stand $60
    Refit stand $10

  12. Yeah, if you don't get the money for a new one right away, accidentally smash their car window and say you will pay to get it glued.
  13. Very funny, LMAO. Blackboy.
  14. What a world we live in.
    You handle it well and civilised.
    I would have freaked out.
  15. Arr, no point crying over spilt milk Noel, it was an accident and he stuck around to put his hand up. Can't get angry with the guy; he's offered to pony up.

    The only difference here is that his point of view is "arr it's only a stand" and mine is "that's my baby, she's a 10 year old bike that looks absolutely shiny and mint except for this buggered up side stand."

    I'll definately get a new stand. I went around to my dad's place today and we bent and hammered the old one back into rough shape, but it's clearly weaker for the exercise... It looks pretty beat up and I'm not that confident the shiny side will stay skyward in a strong wind :).

    I figure I'll buy the new stand myself and squeeze whatever money I can out of the guy.
  16. It's bad enough on the road as it is with car drivers. The last thing we need is one telling us how to fix our bike. Put me in the same situation it would be new or nothing.

    edit: Just because he hung around and didn't take off means that there was probably witnesses and he would either have to write a note and get ripped off or he could talk to the guy in person and try and work a better deal. Did the guy look like he had a spare $100 in the bank? If so, get it and don't get sucked in to his BS. He owes you remember, not the other way round.
  17. Just as a follow-up, it's gonna be a new one alright - but we're talking 4 weeks min to get the part in.

    Ah well.