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How strict are customs in Australia?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by termis, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Was just reading the console thread, and this brought up something that I've been wondering about... (BTW, I'm totally new to Australia, so pardon me if I sound clueless.)

    What are your experiences in dealing with Australian customs when buying stuff from overseas? Just wondering because:

    Customs in Canada are dicks about EVERYTHING. I mean, you get something from ebay, amazon.com, or any internet retailer, and if the value is listed over $20, you're pretty much guaranteed to pay all these ridiculous sorts of fees & duties, which many times ends up making the cost of the item double what it is.

    Most other places I've lived (Korea/US/Japan) are pretty lax, the only times I ever had to pay duty in these places were (1) when I shipped a motorcycle into the U.S., and (2) shipped in a camera in to Korea.

    What's it like down here?
  2. if its under a grand including shipping fee,theres no duty.
  3. If the value including freight is less than $1000AUD, you pay nothing. Over that you pay GST(10%) and duty if applicable to the particular item category.
  4. Oh shit.

    Including freight!?

    I think I may have made a booboo.
  5. I've ordered books from Amazon without issue.

    When I was in Thailand I dismantled 2 bb guns into 2 separate parcels and posted them to my address back here in Australia.

    Instead of the parcels, I got a letter from Customs saying nice try, write back to us if you've got a good reason or want a court date and risk criminal shit otherwise consider them confiscated, bad luck.

    I considered them confiscated... which sucked, coz they were really cool fun.
  6. Under a grand. Cool, that'll cover 99.99% of stuff I'd buy online anyway.

    :LOL: Good story there. I'll keep that story in mind.
  7. You need to check customs before ordering too since some items get confiscated. I got caught with cheap lighters - expensive ones are fine, but no cheap ones even if they are well made...grrrrr.
    There has been one or two other things I've been caught with, but I can't remember what.
  8. Gotcha.

    Note to self: DON'T ship the .357 in to Aus... :wink:
  9. Excellent info. Thanks a bunch.
  10. This is not right.

    It is $1000 AUD value without shipping