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How stressful is your job...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by TonyE, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. I'm sure there's a lot more stressul positions that Netriders could add :grin:

    From "The Register"

    Yeah, right
    By Lester HainesPublished Tuesday 16th May 2006 06:02

    A poll has revealed what sobbing IT operatives already know only too well: their chosen profession is the most stressful on God's Green Earth and Iraqi A&E doctors should consider themselves lucky not to spend their days at the sharp end of a relentless assault of clueless users and badgering bosses

    That's the conclusion of a probe of 3,000 "IT experts" carrried out by "online learning provider" SkillSoft, which reveals the staggering fact that "97 per cent of people working in IT claim to find their life at work stressful on a daily basis".


    Here are the top ten most stressful jobs, according to SkillSoft:

    Medicine/Caring Profession
    Sales and Marketing
    Human Resources
    And here's an alternative top ten as compiled by the Vulture Central Statistical Analysis Soviet:

    Iraqi police recruit
    US Army bomb disposal expert
    Baghdad A&E doctor
    British Airways pilot
    Naomi Campbell's personal assistant
    Naomi Campbell's housekeeper
    Dick Cheney's shooting buddy
    Steve Ballmer's office furniture supplier
    Wayne Rooney's fiancée
    IT journalist
  2. To me, stress is NOT being able to provide for your family. So any of these IT guys who have a job, are not stressed IMHO.

    On a scale of 1-10 my work stress is 1 (no stress) :-w
  3. I hardly do any work at all. I do a George Costanza act and just look stressed so that people wont make me do work.
  4. My job is realyl frustrating... and i think working with teachers is making me dumber; ive been worse at spelling and grammer since i started work here.
  5. My job is not that stressful, at least most of the time. I tell every student the same thing "relax, there is nothing you can do to this aircraft I can't recover from". Occasionally one tries really hard to prove me wrong.
  6. +1 :)

    Gave my parents $7K last week to help purchase a van for them as they needed it :) *ahh, does content sigh*
  7. grammar :p :p

    Sorry Eswen, couldn't help myself... I'm just helping you make a point... :LOL:

    Back on topic, I'm a software engineer, yeah dealing with clients can be frustrating, but you just gotta move on, I"m the most relaxed person there is so maybe i'm in the right field if it's so stressful... :cool:

  8. I have a multi-role job.

    It involves IT support, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Finance and Clerical and I deal with education providers as part of Marketing.

    *looks at the list*

    *wonders if he can get stress leave*

  9. As we teach the kids Es, they get smarter which means that the stupidity that was in place is pushed out. That stupidity has to go somewhere so standard practice is to pass it on to the ICT staff. :p

    It's common in public schools who can't afford nice halls, thus are unable to host Liberal party functions and disperse the stupidity amoung the guests. :LOL: :LOL:
  10. you forgot shane warnes wife.....or GF
  11. Or Bill Clinton's cigar! :shock: I wouldn't want that position. :LOL:
  12. :rofl: i bet you have some good stories to tell. What is the closest one of them has come?
  13. You sound like an IT manager.
  14. Wait 'til you've got your own family to worry about - you'll be asking for it back! :wink:
  15. nah my works not too stressful if it is i just jump on the here and read some other persons problem and then think... "it could be worse"
  16. My job involves ZERO stress, you fcuk up and you get told you fcuked up and asked politely to be a bit more careful next time :woot:.

    The only thing they don't like is if you show up late or swear in front of customers :?

    It's great fun, stand around talking shit and playing pranks on each other all day (whilst doing work of course) never have to use your brain so you can come in hungover and do just as good a job if you were sober :LOL:.