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How slow can you go?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by miicah, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. So exactly how slow can you go while still maintaining a high lean angle? There are a few corners at Misano that get taken at around 70km/h but obviously MotoGP bikes are on another level.

    On a standard street bike is it possible to get leaned over going slow?
  2. Yes.
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  3. Look up moto gymkahna, the Japanese cops are impressive
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  4. Same with some of the US cops on Harley's. Not as fast as the Japanese police around the circuits, but impressive due to the size of the bikes.
  5. At very low speeds you do counter-leaning, the bike is on full lock and pushed down into a lean, but the rider is upright or leaned the opposite way to counter balance the bike. Motorman Jerry shows examples in his videos.
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  6. Ah ok, so I know about counter-leaning, I'm talking about like knee down leaning. Can it be done at 40km/h? 30? Assume you're riding something like an S1000RR
  7. It's called "falling with style" (Buzz Lightyear). :p
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  8. No, the bike would fall over.
    You need speed to get that sort of lean.
    Watch the moto gymkhana videos, they are slower and leaning, but not hanging off like GP riders.
  9. Never done it but if think not. At some point you won't have enough speed to hold the lean. Bear in mind they are leaning that far down to try and hold max speed, so what you're describing is totally at odds with that.

    You can tip quite far down at slow speeds for a short 'dip' but you can't hold it. Or I can't anyway, got to accelerate out....
  10. you lean as much as is needed. No more, no less.

    Trying to lean more at lower speed just make you look like a nuub squid.
  11. Counter leaning is really for the very slow speed stuff. Car park maneuvering, weaving through traffic, walking pace stuff and a bit over generally. Hanging off is mainly about keeping as much safety margin as you can when you're pushing the limits. You don't have to be doing rocket sled speeds to hang off, but at low speeds on typical pubic roads, while you can do it you probably shouldn't need to. Most people don't really want to be pushing the envelope that hard in an environment with loose gravel, spilled oil and diesel, litter, pot holes, manhole covers, kamikaze cagers, pedestrian lemmings, dogs, cats, skater boys etc etc. Lean angles close to the speed limits on most public roads really don't require hanging off.
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  12. On a smooth surface with a decent bike at full lean I wouldn't want to be slower than 50kph and it would have to be a really tight turn, speed and lean angle are proportionate to the turn but every bike is different and of course skill levels, a better rider will have the bike more upright and that's the goal.

  13. Pretty slow here! Thanks for all the replies.
  14. Good rider! But you'll notice that he has to speed up to get out if the corners from that angle. You can't hold it long without some speed (or acceleration).
  15. road camber would allow increased lean angle at lower speeds. when taking a 30kmh corner on the road you do still counter steer and lean though you would need a (relatively) high speed for that corner to perform real knee down action which is not advisable on the road. still though, find a few suitable corners and work on them.