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how should i vote?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. just in case you haven't decided, or even if you have but just want to do this for fun, here's 20 questions to help you come up with a tailor-made 'how to vote' card, for the candidates in your area based on your priorities.

    how should i vote?

  2. :woot: It predicted who I wanted to vote for. :) (as you'd hope it would! lol)

    While we're talking voting... say you have a 7 candidate ticket. The way the law stands now (stupid law), you have to distinctly number each 7 boxes with different numbers, 1 to 7.

    You used to be able to put your 1, 2, 3 etc and then have 4, 4, 4, 4, which meant that they'd basically distribute your vote as far as it was discernable whom your preferences should go to. This to me makes sense since you might consider a few candidates equally unsuitable of your vote.

    This is now considered as an informal vote. That's farking STUPID!!! :tantrum:

    So just say you put in a vote that has the major parties numbered last... well the practical effect of this law now is that your vote will ultimately trickle down to whom ever one of the majors you list first (assuming two part preferred system), i.e., they will ultimately end up with your preference vote.

    When people say "Liberals got in on preferences" and say it like it's a bad thing, I don't think they appreciate that that STILL reflected the will of the majority of people. Basically MORE people put Liberal BEFORE Labor on their voting tickets, and so it's not actually not an invalid outcome.

    Anyhooo, I'll shut up now.
  3. Personally I dont get the whole giving numbers to all the others bit :? . Why not something simple like just tick a box or put number 1 in for who you want and leave it at that. It would also be nice if there was a box with the option "none of the above" if you dont like any of them :p
  4. That thing's flawed.

    There's no way I'm voting for some little 21yo tossbag independant, who can't even put on a tie for his parliament photo and believes in peace & love.
  5. It is total bullshit. No surprise given it is linked to GetUp. I'm about as Liberal a voter as you can get and I marked off stronger anti-terror laws, less union power and a stronger economy and it says I should vote:
    1 - Labor
    2 - Environmental independant
    3 - Democrats
    4 - Greens
    5 - Christian Democrats
    6 - Liberals
    7 - Citizens Electoral Council.

  6. Proof it is biased...
    At the bottom of the results page it says "Authorised by Brett Solomon, Level 2, 294 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000"
    So I put "Brett Solomon, Level 2, 294 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000" into google and guess what comes up:

    w ww.getup.org.au

    It doesn't say that on the howtovote.com.au page unless you look really, really closely. Now that is dishonest political misdirection.
  7. Well, interestingly it had Liberal well behind labor in my suggested how to vote card.

  8. Isn't getup that weird arse leftie group that is kind of violent?
    I'd say it's a bullshit website.
  9. And in a couple of years when the next election comes up, they will be changing their bias away from the Labor government and onto the Greens. Anti-establishment assholes.

    (Yes, you can infer from this statement that I am a Liberal voter expecting to be VERY disappointed on Saturday)
  10. I agree the voting system is flawed, I want to be able to vote for one candidate and one candidate only, stuff the other dangle-berries. Gimme 'first past the post and to hell with the rest' type voting, why should some drongo I wouldn't vote for in a pink fit get even 0001% of my vote?
  11. For some reason it told me to vote for the British Union of Fascists and it'd send the boys round to make sure....
  12. Told me to vote Liberal (who I've never voted for before) :LOL:
    Not necessarily BS, maybe moreso a case of me not knowing
    the Policies of any party out there :p
  13. In which case it is either a random candidate generator or a deliberate attempt to misdirect votes in either direction. In the 19 questions, I pretty much followed what the Liberal's policies are and it told me to vote Labor. So I can't imagine what you selected to tell you to vote Liberal.
  14. Well I just went through again and selected every right wing option I could find and it said I should vote labour! Mind you, what does "Unions in the workplace" actually mean? It doesn't ask if you are for or against, just if it is "an issue" to you. On that basis they can make your answer fit anything they want.....total rubbish.
  15. It seems like only question 20 is only relevant then.
  16. and if you want to see what the parties think on certain issues from IR to enviroment. from all the parties bar the greens who choose not to reply (suprise, suprise) see here:

    nb. of all the organisations that im involved in that have tabled questions to all the political parties all but the greens have replied. Is this because they are "anti-everything im for" or dont they want to waste the carbon bi-product of the computer that they would used to type a reply?
  17. Don't vote, it only encourages them!
  18. Sounds like you logged on to the News Limited 'how to vote' questionnaire by mistake.
  19. Not suprised at all actually, considering who has set this website up.

    I would be quite suprised if the Greens were even asked.
  20. Well, anything that helps oust that lying little rodent Howard can't be a bad thing.