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How should I cover a bike that's been ridden in the rain?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. How about this RAIN???

    My god it's pissing down tonight. King street just after the bridge in from Crown was a complete pond. I had quite a few of those fcuking fantastic moments where taxis go blasting past through a huge puddle and you can see a great big wave of splashback rising up to smack you in the head.

    Anyway, I make a habit of riding (pretty sedately) in the wet just to keep my skills up, so my question is this: I don't have a garage to store my bike in, just one of those nifty covers - but when your bike is completely soaked and steaming, surely covering it up just seals in the wet and contributes to rust? :shock: At the moment it's sitting under a crappy balcony I've made by pegging the cover up on the hills hoist... but if any of you guys have any advice, I'd be grateful!

    All the best
    Honda V25 Custom with bandito biatch on the back.
  2. I have a cover with vents so that any moisture has the opportunity to get away. spend the money on a quality cover and it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Do you ride every day? If so, I probably wouldn't worry too much cos it will dry out tomorrow!

    :D :D :D
  3. Loz, I dunno for sure, but unless you've got vents in your cover like Lil, I wouldn't cover it at all while its wet. Leave it til its dry again.

    Who knows what nasty things that steamy moisture could do.

    That's what I'd do anyways :)
  4. my suggestion is when you get to where ever it is you are going , give your bike a towel down first .

    I have a towel that i wipe the paint work and seat down with etc , then leave it under your crappy balcony to let the engine cool then pop your cover over the bike once it has cooled down, or leave it in the rain until it cools , towel off and then cover .

    hang your towel up somewhere to dry for next time
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  6. How about one of those cheap shade tent things from Super Cheap Auto? Kinda like a portable car port, might keep the worst of the rain off. And only about $30 I think.
  7. Until you get yourself a decent excuse for a bike it isn't something that you need to worry yourself too much about.
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  9. Re: How should I cover a bike that's been ridden in the rain

    Prior to having a house with a garage, I brought a standard garden shed that was just big enough to store the bikes in. You can get them second-hand for about the same price as good quality cover.
  10. "http://www.cyclegadgets.com/Products/product.asp?Item=CAPSULE"

    hahaha thats a bike of a joke
    u'd get some funny looks blowin that thing up in puplic
  11. Ducati have a humidifier tent thingy as well, but surprisingly its only about $900 :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I forgot about those!

    :D :D :D
  12. It's made to get wet, leave it uncovered so your bike can enjoy the rain too.
  13. IF you can get every netrider member to the next party, and dance for us we may get you one, but i did say MAY
  14. you dont have to worry about the moisture, the small amount of damp is still better than leaving it out in the rain.

    if you are worried about the heat from your bike affecting the cover, if it is a fleece lined one it will be ok.

    and ignore the morons who tell you not to bother, if it is your pride and joy, no mater what the bike then cover it up if you want.
  15. I have a garage and I still cover it up in there - but then Jason did tell me that my bike was way too clean one day :)

    I have a vented cover - but NEVER put it on when the bike is wet. I used to do that with my older bike - admittedly I was living in Warrnambool (salt air) and got pitting on the paintwork.

    Now I leave it to dry overnight and cover it when dry in the morning - if its not going anywhere that day. Don't even cover it after washing it - I leave it for a good 12hours to properly dry, in the shade, after drying with a chamois. (tip to young players DON'T buy a black bike unless you like cleaning)
  16. Cheers guys, good advice all round. Ride safe.
  17. if my bike gets wet, i just dont bother to put the cover on, its old enough to live with out it!
    IF its dry the next day and i dont plan to ride it i put it on