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How should a riding jacket fit?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Robb0, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys

    I'm a newbie got my bike and gear now doing L's next weekend :grin: but I have a question I got a dririder jacket witch I got at the bike store where a sales person helped fitted me up. Now the jacket seems to be nice snug fit comfortable but when I lean forward the jacket isnt covering my waist alittle? Should it be like that or should I be taking it back?

  2. Na that's normal, most riding jackets are cut shorter than a normal jacket so they'll move up your back a bit when riding.
  3. cool thanks for the reply. Thats a relef dont have to go to the effort at taking it back anyway with winter coming up gonna be in the market for new jacket and gloves proply better helmet too soon after I get my L's. LOL havent even started to ride yet and I'm still gotta buy more stuff the $$$ keep flowing out. Are Draggin Jeans any good for the winter? I'm taking a guess there not.

  4. does draggin jeans machine wash friendly?
  5. Wash Draggins according to the instructions (they are machine wash friendly) and they should last.

    Draggins are thicker than some others but I suspect that no jeans are any good during winter!
  6. draggins are fine during winter but you will need a pair of long johns underneath, in canberra it gets pretty bloody cold and never had a problem with legs getting too cold
  7. Thanks Guys for the help. Think I might invest in some draggin jeans and maybe a leather jacket after I've had my L's for awhile
  8. Yep, I put them in with my other jeans. After they dry, I give them a light spray with a water repellant and back in the cupboard they go.
  9. I don't think mine have ever been in the cupboard. Never gone without wearing them long enough for that to happen.
  10. Jackets ride up a little, but shouldn't leave your back bare, maybe to your belt line.

    Consider knee armour as an option as well. The draggin velcro on ones get good and bad posts, or seperate velcro strap on mx style.
  11. mine havn't even been washed :oops: