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How shit has searching the internet become?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. These days, you do a google search and the results that are returned are links to other search engines and their search results which in turn returns other search engine results.

    All this seems to do is send you around the bend faster than sitting here on Netrider.

  2. Sh!t, I thought it was just me! Those things would be fine if they actually pointed you in the right direction!
  3. Glad it's not just me as well. Other one that shits me is when I search for a specific phrase/word and get a few hits - but not one of the f*&king sites actually contains the word/phrase I was searching for :? :mad: .
  4. I heard that happens when you're searching for p0rn! :LOL: :oops: :p
  5. I have to say it's not a problem I have experienced, maybe it depends on the topic being searched?
  6. Yep, happens to me too. Pain in the proverbial.

    Presumably all these useless link sites (or whatever) must be making money for someone though :evil: .
  7. In the old days, search results used to be sorted from the most to least relevant - now google came in with a sort based on most to least linked.

    I did a search on my PVR the other night and the actual fabricator's website appeared around page five of the list. I think there was some benefit in the "old" way.

    I haven't seen the listing of other search engine results on a basic google search. Search engines like "dogpile" do that on purpose... search multiple engines at once... can be useful when you're really pushing hard to find something.
  8. The ones that $hit me the most are those goddamn 'place-holder' domains, which trick you into thinking they are the exact site you want, only to go there and find them hosting a bunch of links only semi-relevant.

    They all have this phrase 'What you want, when you need it'. The red mist starts coming down every time I read that sentence and realise I've been duped again :tantrum: . God, I hate them on so many levels :evil:

    Sorry - [/rant] :oops:
  9. Most annoying thing ever. You can spot 95% of them but its a damn waste to filter through 10 pages of stuff like that to find your answer.
  10. How come I was directed HERE when searching for Netrider the other day when I couldnt log on? :LOL:

    EDIT: Very cute though :wink:
  11. Yes I'm tired of all the ones that appear to auto generate pages to suit your search and they are only a time wasting search engine that does exactly as vic describes...


    you do a search for, say, bacon and eggs

    google throws back as a prime candidate a site that may be described as something like "everything about bacon and eggs" and the URL is along the lines of:


    And its some lame-arse search engine filled with crap like links to other search engines but titled with bullshit like this

    "buy bacon and eggs"
    "books on bacon and eggs"
    "get your bacon and eggs music here"
    "see bacon and eggs live"

    Very frustrating, but at least easy to spot. You'd think google would work on their algorithms to filter out that crap :roll:
  12. Ohhhhhhhh! I understand now.

    Testify!! I hate those search result sites too. :mad:
  13. VIC I didn't know you had Rottys. They are beautiful.

  14. I was looking for a simple printable word-search programme for a teacher at school today. It didn't matter whether it was Mac or PC because we have both platforms. All it had to do was to create a wordsearch and print it out. Have a guess how many blind alleys were travelled down before I found one :roll:?
  15. I hate it when you search for something and stumble across someone's little internet page or a blog/whatever, that is full of incorrect information.
    People seem to think if they put it online, it is true, and all should believe it is correct, no matter how fundamentally flawed it is.
    It is really common with automotive sites, and is becoming more prevalant with motorbikes too.
    It's not a big deal when no one visits the site, but when someone on a forum gets a hold of it and runs with it, misinformation spreads like wildfire.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. ...I'll bite. How many?


    You should put up a poll! :grin: No?
  17. Yes there's a lot of crap out there in cyberspace (you can't believe everything you read), but if you search using the correct phase/words you may end up with what you want. I found How to Search the Internet Effectively with a quick search and after browsing through the results (after dinner at the pub) it appears to have some relevant information on how to search the internet. Maybe this will assist in your internet searches. 8-[
  18. I'm quite sure that 'Pajero means wanker' was a dry British joke in a dry British review that an American read online and took as gospel.

    /me ponders the payoffs in building a big site o' misinformation... like how crap Superdukes are and that they're not worth more than about 5 grand, for example
  19. It has been a long time since I have needed more that ten clicks after my initial search to find the information I require. However my googlefoo is strong.

    Once you start advertising with google and designing pages to suit, you soon understand how it works.
  20. Actually it does mean similar to that. I didn't believe it so I asked a spanish speaking guy that i used to work with who was from Argentina, He told me yes it does, and it amused him greatly when he came over here. He and his wife took a photo of them next to one (with a big 'PAJERO' on the spare wheel cover) and sent it home to their friends. the car is called Mitsubishi Montero over there and other spanish speaking markets. It is only a slang term and it's pronounced Pahero.