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How Scared are You??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Valentino Rossi has just come out and said that all the great riders are scared out on the track...

    "But every clever rider, I think, is scared. This is because our sport is dangerous and fear is important to understand the limit - to stay quite near the limit but never go too much."

    I was wondering, how scared are you when you are riding? Does it only kick in when you're near what you know to be your limit, or is it there all the time?

    Does a healthy dose of fear keep you alert and on-task?

    Or, can you banish fear and let it all hang out???
  2. Hmmmm, I think the fear bit comes in about 1/3 of the corner when you realise the speed in proportion to the corner, or your ability to make the corner is of some concern.

    I think its called nerves sometimes. I used to get them before races but once the races got under way I found I had no time to be scared or nervous. It was all hands on deck to keep everything ship shape. Once the race was over the deep breaths slowed the heart rate so perhaps the nerves/fear were there all along.
  3. I think the fear the Rossi might experience is in a different level and intensity to what might be experienced in normal riding. His risks are immeasurably higher, for one thing.
  4. I like fear...stops me from doing silly things on the motorcycle :wink:
  5. I ride in granny nappies.....nuff said.
  6. How can his fear of pain or death be any greater than mine? Am I afraid less just because I am not doing 250+k? if I am overcooking/burning a corner at say 80-90k? The tree or whatever will kill me just as much as the concrete will kill the GP rider. Eh??

    It is even not true that the number of "SHeeeeeet"/s are more for him. I do several every ride. He hasn't got cars etc to contend with. Just this arvo I folowed a car into a tighty, stupidly I looked for his brake lights to come on, they didn't. So I thought he was going to go into the corner at the speed we were doing. I leaned in, glanced to the right (we were in a corner with a T) looked back and sheeeeet his brake lights were on.

    Tell me Rossi panics/afears more that I did. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I can see where your coming from there Hornet600, however IMHO I think that point is arguable. He is on meticulously maintained equipment, flawless surfaces, the best protection money can buy, huge vacant 'run off' areas and he is in the company of the best riders in the world.

    The average roadie has far more concerns :shock:
    Someone was telling me that there hasn't even been a death attributed to moto GP racing. I could be wrong on that though...can anyone confirm that? :roll:
  8. Scared enough to pay careful attention.. Not so scared that I don't enjoy it.
  9. Slider, the only one in recent memory (I'm prepared to be corrected on this) was Daijira Katoh at Suzuka a couple of years ago. Before that it's been a long time since anyone died racing MotoGp
  10. Scared enough to "be alert, but not alarmed"
  11. Riding is more excitement than fear for me, but the close calls with stupid cars or my own errors sure get the heart racing for awhile.
  12. OK... I'll be honest... 2 days of riding under my belt.. and I am scared... as I probably should be...

    Scared that I will make a stupid mistake, scared that car is just gonna pull out/fail to give way/run a red light/not see me...

    But not scared enough to stop me, a little fear is a good thing, and should not be confused with stupidity... :)

    Fear tends to curb the stupidity factor..

  13. I'm with Moike, "scared enough to be alert and not alarmed."
    If I didn't fear riding then I would have to give it away.
  14. My comment about Rossi's levels of fear were not intended to demean the demands of the average road rider, Brian. I was just trying to say that for him everything happens at super-quick speeds and the margins for error are far thinner. Of course you can get killed at 60kph. But the fear he feels also would serve to focus his mind, and perhaps as the rest of the posters are alluding to, that can also apply for us.
  15. the one thing thats scares me on the road is redline in first gear...

    other then that, I ride so far from the limit that it doesnt matter :D
  16. redline in first gear is how far over the speed limit? :D
  17. depends on what zone your in, probably around 40kph in the highest zone in vic :LOL:

    but yeah, fear.... would riding be fun if there was ZERO fear? i think its what keeps me riding, it has just the right level, or just the right type of fear. dont get me wrong tho, normal riding is enjoyable, but FUN riding involves plenty of cheek clenching moments :D
  18. I fear the day when I have to hang up my leathers.
  19. :LOL: its funny because it's true... oh wait, no, actually it's a pain in the arse :evil:

    i don't really get scared, i do think morbid thoughts though which sucks :roll: ie if i bump my head into a door as i'm about to get on the bike that's some higher being telling me not to ride because i'm going to get smashed up :?
  20. fear...fun...they both start with F - sounds all good to me...

    fun is showing off in front of your mates popping a big wheelie

    fear is dropping it in front of those same mates

    adrenaline is what makes you go that bit harder on a straight

    risk is what makes you slow down at the intersection

    beer & bikes is what makes the world go around.