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How safe is your helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by StRider, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Hmm thats interesting...you would think the more expensive helmets such as Arai's and Shoei's would offer better protection. According to the list, my Shoei XR1000 is only 3 stars. However when buying my helmet, I quickly realised that the best helmet was going to be the one that fit the best, and to me that means a safer helmet.
  2. Just as well I retired my KBC VR2 to pillion (don't tell the wife though...she wears it now :wink: )
  3. Mine is "Coming Soon" .... hmmm.... story of my life really
  4. Hmm interesting, no Shoei with 5 stars. Proves you dont need to spen a whole bunch to get a good helmet.
  5. I think comfort and visibility are over-riding factors for choosing between helmets that already meet DOT standards.
  6. Mine got 3 stars....

    My mates (was a shoei, can't remember specifics) should get 5 stars. He hit the ground head first at 80 - 90km/h and was still conscious. All he got was some short term memory loss for about 24 hours and a stiff neck. Lucky bastard.....

  7. Nolan N84? like mine? :grin:
  8. eeek. my arai condor only got 2 stars.
    pity they don't have OGK on there. these were the 2 brands that fit my head the best.
    oh well. i'll keep getting what fits best rather than higher star rating.
  9. I wouldn't think that, in fact I've never thought that, in fact I've said exactly the opposite to that in a number of threads about helmet safety over the years (mostly causing owners of expensive helmets to scream at me).

    So to all you people over the years who said otherwise... :p

    *damn that felt good* :LOL:
  10. I had a look on the link to SHARP and while the impact testing looks comprehensive, the star rating isn't explained.

    'An objective assessment protocol will be developed to enable the objective rating or ranking of the performance of each helmet to allow easy comparison for the consumer. There will be no specific pass or fail criterion applied. This allows us to prioritise on relevant impact areas and provide the flexibility to refocus our target areas for improvement in the future.'

    This appears to be an impact only test. Such things as view angle or visor distortion are not taken into account. What are the range of performance results on the 5 star scale? No one would expect it to mean that a 4 star helmet can sustain twice the impact of a 2 star one. Maybe all the results are very close. Notice how very similar models from the same manufacturer can have very different ratings.
  11. Yes, that's the one !

    Like others have said, I chose mine over others because it had a better fit. I'd like to see how it comes out in the test though.
  12. "Government motorcycle helmet test..."

  13. Wow, interesting stuff.

    My cheap RST got 4 stars, quality for $300 WOW. :grin:
  14. Have 2 x Shark RSR2 helmets sitting here, and for good reason.

    Last Shark helmet I was wearing when at Phillip Island when I did my somersault at 140kph. Slammed head into ground as well. Big cracks all through the helmet surface, paint ripped off everywhere. Not even a headache. It did its job of keeping my head and brain safe.
  15. Full up-to-date results here

    Has more helmets listed than in the original MCN article, including a number that in the article were "Coming Soon", but now have ratings.
  16. Oh noes!!! My helmet is not on the list. What to do, what do to :p

    I like my N102, especially since I started using ear plugs. Stupid windscreen directing air right into my throat/chin.
  17. wtf my arai condor only 2 stars..
  18. Interesting results, particularly the full 5-stars rating for the £50 Lazer LZ6.

    Also makes me happy I went with the Nolan N84 instead of wasting money on a far, far more expensive Shoei.
  19. Thanks Flux. 4 stars for the N84. Now I'm happy.