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How sad is this???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BIWOZ, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Ban effing mobile phones first!!!!!!!!!

    Or, a novel idea, open your bloody eyes and look around you!

  2. I bet the injuries GO UP.

    Putting sharp metal spikes on all the poles would certainly reduce the number of injuries, though perhaps not the severity of those few remaining.
  3. Survey how many walk into a solid metal pole while using their phone once.

    Then survey how many of those people do it again.

    I bet very few.
  4. Nanny state. I am not responsible for anything I do, I need protection.
  5. I got it! I got it! That's why they put airbags in cars!
  6. winner! :cool:
  7. Electrify the poles. Anyone bumping into one is killed and before long there are no people dumb enough to walk into poles any more. Win win.
  8. This would lead to a short term spike in injuries, sorry :oops:
  9. Untill the next person bumps off a newly protected pole onto the road, and gets run down by a motorveichle doing 5kph over teh limit, and they start putting in speed cameras
  10. Anyone stupid enough to do that deserves to get hurt, I say leave the padding off.
  11. I reckon the poles should be kept chilled with liquid nitrogen. That way when people bump into them they'll stick and everyone will have a chance to laugh at them :twisted: .