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How rude!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I liked the good old Magic Eye, so a friend thought it'd be funny to send me this little message

  2. Brilliant!!!!


  3. took me about 30-45 seconds to see it, got a laugh

  4. Very Clever :LOL:
  5. haha! i like. and... NEVER!!!
  6. Wow. Wonder how that works
  7. +me. :( :(
  8. You aren't alone. I just had to ring Doonx and tell him I didn't get it. Apparently you have to be relaxed to be able to read it :rofl:
  9. Looks like place-holder text in Pagemaker, nothing more :(.
  10. i dont have the time to work this out, i have a life.

  11. That's brilliant.
  12. Oh well in that case I give up then ;) :LOL:
  13. My eyes hurt. Is it a schooner or a sailboat?
  14. it's actually the "Internet"

  15. I got it :grin:

    along with one hell of a head ache.
  16. I've always sucked at these things! Last night I was so close to the screen I could feel the static on my nose :LOL:

    I still can't see it :cry:
  17. Print it out, it helps