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How reliable is weatherzone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Planned a trip up Princes Highway from Mlb to Ballina, across to Goondiwindi, and back to mlb through dubbo Starting this Sunday 11th Feb

    Checked the Internet for weather reports today, and they are predicting rain, rain, and then thunderstorms for most of my route.
    My question is " how reliable are these reports?"

    I only get a week a year to play, this year, it is next week.
    Any chance of getting a weather report from members?

    Main towns as waypoints are.
    Sunday - Sale, Nowra
    Monday -Wyong, Port Macquarie, Ballina
    Tuesday - Goondiwindi, Dubbo
    Wednesday - Cobram, Shepparton, Yea

    Don't mind riding in the rain, but 3500km's of it is a bit much.
    When they say showers - I would guess fine, maybe some rain, locally only
    When they say Thunderstorms, I would guess fine, except for a deluge for an hour.
    Does anyone agree?
    Or am I setting myself up?

  2. www.bom.gov.au

    They're generally good.. you just have to remember that when they have dispayed rain on the radar.. it's probably already gone since it would have been posted at an earler time.

    I've never had any problems with it..
  3. I use Elders I have found they are the most accurate and you can just put in the area or postcode you want :)
  4. Weatherzone are generally as reliable as any others. On a couple of ocassions when its been really humid the weather radar has shown rain everywhere over melb I go outside and its just grey clouds no rain....
    Melb weather no one can bloody pick it :p

    edit: Thanks Cruisingal elders weather is awesome :applause:
  5. Cruisingal = weather goddess

    Thanks - had a look at ELDERS site.

    Had what I needed - HOW MUCH RAIN and PROBABILITY.

    Is now bookmarked for future use.
  6. Yep Elders works for me.

    Peter what are you riding on this trip??
  7. Suzuki 800 (M50)
    Braided Lines, TFI unit, Drilled and debaffled, seat mods, debadged, Ventura bags, loose nut behind handlebars
  8. Sounds like a very cool trip, love the bike.
  9. NSW is in a drought ,so if it says rain ,it will only last an hour if that. :wink:

    Pack a rain coat and fire up the M50 VROOM VROOM and your away :)

    Have a good one :cool:
  10. :rofl:

    BTW: Have a great and safe trip :grin:
  11. BOM say chance of a shower, but their charts and forecast show it will be late afternoon thunderstorms if at all. I say go for it just map places to stay so you reach them by 4-5 pm.