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How reliable is the ZZR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by v-petn, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    How reliable is the ZZR250? I've searched on this forum for any info on zzr250 and so far I've seen a lot of people having issues with it... I know that this will depend on the age, condition and kms but I've seen more issues with the zzr than other models such as zxr or cbr...
  2. Perhaps because there are more ZZR's out there? :?

    All I can say is I've been riding mine for 3 weeks and apart from needing a new battery when I first got it (it had been sat in the cold doing nothing for ages) - Its been trouble free! lol

    I will watch this thread with interest though - good to know what to look out for! :grin:
  3. ZZRs are very reliable bikes. But there are no perfect bikes. And occasionally a brand has a lemon, no matter how good the other 99.99% of bikes they released were.
  4. Issues?
    The ZZR is pretty rock solid. I have had issues with garbage in my carbies from dirty fuel. Other than that every thing I have had issues with is because it is an 8 year old bike, (tires, chain and sprocket, breaks) oh and the need for a new battery.
  5. Very reliable. Been around for a long time. They will last up to 100k before facing potential issues, but most dont last that long (crashed, etc.) as they are learner bikes.

    I've ridden a gpx (same engin) thats about 15 years old, a zillion kms, thrashed to death, but the bugger was still good for an indicated 180 (lulz at optimistic speedos).

    FYI they're all the same, get one under 40k kms and it'll be mega reliable. Mine never let me down for the year and a half I had it.
  6. I find it hard to believe. I can't remember the last issue I addressed with a zzr on this form. cbr250 heaps. suzuki handbag a few. but not many zzr250s
  7. If you look through the forums you'll probably find people having just as many problems with any other 250 - usually more to do with people neglecting maintenance on 250s since they're "just to get through restrictions" than any inherent design problems (unless of course it's a Hyosung).
  8. Cool thanks guys... I have no idea what to look for besides from just cosmetics... I have a friend who's a mechanic and he's owned a few bikes. I'll get him to come along and look...
  9. Thanks JD
  10. ZZR/GPX250 are very reliable.
    The issues are usually caused by noobs not knowing or caring about maintenance.

    These engines spend their lives turning at 8-9000rpm and do 80,000km easy if looked after.

    Get one in good nick and keep it that way and it will serve you well.

    They are a better bike than you will be a rider, even after a couple of years.
  11. i have one of the newer ones and have not had any problems with it. It quite a good relaible bike and cheap to run. the servicing is resoanble as well for example i just had the 12k service done and cost me $160. If you put good fuel in it look after it it should give no hassles. i have put 10,000k's on mine since feb and is still running fine
  12. bulletproof.

    if there actually is a perceived reliability issue with zzrs because of more reported problems in this or other forums, it's probably because of (a) more zzrs out there, (b) noob riders and poor maintenance. both (a) and (b) were raised earlier in this thread.

    I'd like to add (c) that there are a lot of old zzrs out there, too, as the design has remained unchanged for a long long time. This is a good thing! it means that this bike has stood the test of time, faced with predominantly (b) above, and has passed with flying colours... a few niggling issues reported here and there are nothing to worry about, and simply represent little bits of wear and tear that people are fixing up in order to keep some excellent, well-designed, solid machinery kicking along for another decade!

    buy one!

    EDIT: fcking italics
  13. Indeed I will buy one... If I can get something in good nick, I'll keep it til I get my full licence...

    Thanks guys
  14. i guess its how the ohter owners have looked after it

    like mine.. i think the previous owners neglected it a bit POO!
  15. Ive got a GPX its goin great, not a issue at all, it loves to rev high and just wants to keep going and going and going, good thing its got a limiter on it, ive bounced mine off it plenty of times.

    Servicing is easy and fairly cheap too (if you do it yourself)

    And really people don't post when the bike is running well, so you will really only read negative things unless you ask about reliability.

    Great bike, recommend one, never riden the ZZR though same seating possition and engine as the gpx, but bigger wheels more travel on the forks, alloy frame and bigger brakes (but its a little heavier then the gpx) maybe cuz the extra stuff, its also got more wind protection but more to break if it hits the ground.

    Ohh also my gpx gets 325ks per tank which is about 14L i think. unless its only a 1L reserve that its 17L (18 total :wink: )

    thats huge for most 250's

    ask anyone with a cbr, zxr, vtr, spada or fzr.
  16. The little zzr's are pretty damn strong, ive got a mate who spends his whole time on redline and the bikes still going strong, although it is starting to chew through oil at a decent rate.
  17. It is 16 to the reserve and 18 till it's dry.
  18. Is that for the GPX or the ZZR, or both? I've never been able to figure out how much I've got left once I hit reserve :oops:
  19. Carby's get junked up with shitty fuel every so often and the speedo cables were a touch too short so that falls out but that's the only issues I can think of.