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How quickly we can forget our old bike....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tweetster, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. ..... So, the 600 is getting some tender loving care from the mechanic (grange). All good.

    But, the bike is out of action.... Yeah!! crap weather I know, but I NEED a ride. I look at the 250, it has cobwebs on it, it's filthy and it hasn't been ridden for months. Grange choked it into life a few weeks ago just because, and I laughed at the pathetic noise from the motor.....

    I cleaned the 250, she shone.... I can turn her around on a sixpence in the car port (unlike the 600).... She chugged to the incline of the driveway... And I thought I may have to push her up!!...8-[

    Argh!!.... No fecking grunt.... and when I get her going.... She feels like there are no fecking brakes!...Cornering was awful... No weight for balance and I had forgotten how the slimmer front wheel managed to grab every little piece of tar snake or groove in the road *wobble. Wobble* . I fit snuggly into the high petrol tank of the 600 and wrap myself around it.... The 250 feels like there is nothing there!!:-s

    20 or so minutes into the ride.... I am grinning form ear to ear.... I am having shit loads of fun.... cranking her up..... enjoying the lightness of her and the effortless gear changes.

    I took her out again this morning, it was sprinkling rain and it was like having an old friend back :) I am sitting in the car port typing this... looking at her shining black and chrome finish.... I'm not so sure I'll part with her!!..... She is fun in a different way to the 600 :grin: ... I'm sure I can make room for both!!
  2. :)

    But now you will have to explain to the 600 why you have been unfaithful ;)
  3. bikes are all good. Can we just accept that? Well, not all. Anything over 125cc. anything under that is a bit depressing.
  4. Unless they are two strokes. 125 two strokes are fun. I believe anything under 400 should be two stroke. 250 two bangers will put hair on anyone's chest
  5. .... Welll, she had her insides hanging out!!.... Interesting, but not rideable!!... I took the 250 out again today... Sunny when we started up the mountains, but we both got fecking soaked coming back.... We had a ball!!... :D

    Ooooooooo!!... which of my 2 children do I love the best??....:-k
  6. .....the "mechanic" .... back from a test ride...checking out his work! ( f*ck me!!... Not ATGATT...:cheeky: )Big thanks for getting the 600 back to what she should be!.(y)

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  7. oh my mr grange, riding with no gear?? you're in for an earbashing now!!!

    so tweets... you agree the skinnier models are more fun to ride???
    i said that once too, took 3 days for the swelling in my left nut to subside
  8. you have a left nut?
  9. .... It's not the size!!.... It's what you do with it!!....:bannanabutt:....:D
  10. yeah, it's still there, i checked
  11. ..... So last night I excitedly jump on the 600 for a spin. It's nice to have her back and she sounds exactly like she should :woot:

    Stopped at a set of lights and chose to sit in the wheel track with slight raises either side... Hmmmmm!.. I don't remember being able to flat foot it here before....

    The 600 doesn't quite feel right and I can't work out why, it felt fine when i first got on her. I get to grange's and the bike is low.... very low. So low, in fact, that I can't manage to get the side stand down properly to balance the bike over. I stay on the bike (because I can't leave it) and yell out that something is terribly wrong :cry:

    Investigation by the " mechanic" points to the rear shock ( yeah, yeah!... Along with "helpful" jibes about the weight of the rider :cheeky:) Argh!.... Bummer!..the 600 is out of action again. I didn't feel or hear anything to indicate a major change, so I'm assuming that it must have been gradual over the course of the ride.

    So it's back on the 250 again!.....:D... For a little while anyway.
  12. Great read Tweester - a fantastic perspective on "how things change the more they stay the same"

    Excellent (y)
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  13. maybe you should learn to not wreck ya shit ms tweets???
  14. I got the benefit of selling my first bike to a good mate, have only ridden it once since then though. It's awesome swapping bikes on Old Road for a lap or two. Miss my old Hornet, sweet bike but I've moved up :D
  15. Well yesterday was interesting!!.... I get an email at work from the mechanic (grange) telling me that he has one too many bikes in his garage, if I would like to go and pick my bike up!

    Yaaaayyyyyy!!!... He got a part from the wreckers (saving me several hundred $'s) and had already fixed my bike for me :dance: I'll get picked up later in the evening and ride my bike back.

    So I hear a familiar sounding bike outside my place ( I was expecting a car!). grange rode it over for me... BUT, I wanted to ride it to see how she felt after the repair:-s

    Soooooooo, I get pillioned on my own bike back to his place..(to drop him off). That was DAMN WEIRD!... And pretty darn squeezie with us two on a 600, instead of the 1100 (before I got my 250 8-[)

    Then I finally took rightful place in the front of my bike ... Went for a spin in the night and it was great. Sent text back to the mechanic that she felt f*cking fab :D

    BIG thanks to grange (as usual) for his prompt work =D>

    The cheque is in the post! :bolt:
  16. .Says Mr Ooooppppss!!... I left my disk lock on!!... Cheeky bugger!!....:cheeky:
  17. About a year ago I got back on my 250 after riding my old boys k1200rs for a few weeks.
    Never been so scared on the bike in all my life. It felt like i had been driving a truck and then hopped onto one of those tiny kids scooters with the roller blade wheels in difference.

    Now on my STrumpet, i dont know that i could get back on a 250 and enjoy it the way i did when i was learning.
    As you say tweets, the only thing i do miss is the light flick throwing it into corners. I have to climb on top of my bike and push the bastard down now.

    edit: Not sure if/when Mrs Messy is going to get another bike, at the moment she seems quite content with being my pillion on the ST. Might try and talk her into something with a little more balls then the CB400 had though. Has to keep up with *me* now, oooohh how the tables have turned :D.
  18. zzr250?
  19. Yep!... I started off with the ZZR250. then got the ZZR600. grange has a ZZR1100 (as well as an R1).... :wink:
  20. pfft bugger off you
    like i said, getting a tooth yanked out is at least a half-way decent excuse for being a numpty