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how quickly things can change.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by aaahhh, May 6, 2011.

  1. was in Alexandria yesterday sitting at lights waitnig to turn left. A scooter is in front of me a car is in front of him. Light goes green, we take off, half way round the corner scooter decides to answer his phone (I know, what the???) swerves violently to his right and pushes me almost into the car on my right. I, of course give him a mouthful. I get right away from this guy and sit back. Through the next intersection, AUDI guy decides he wants to get in the left lane from the far right and misses scooter guy by millimetres forcing him to lose control and almost hit the deck, how he stayed up I bdon't know, arms and legs going everywhere. Audi guy gets into a verbal with scooter guy. I come up and rip into Audi guy about his dangerous action.
    1 minute abuse scooter guy, next minute stick up for scooter guy.

  2. bwahahaha nicely done! i've been in your shoes before, talked to a guy on a gs500 about his shitty actions, and then stood up for him when there was a massive screaming match between him and the dude that almost killed him.

    good on you for sticking up for him too :)
  3. Errr...what are you doing NEXT to him while going round a corner??
  4. I was behind him, due to his phone antics I ended up beside him
  5. Kick the scooter guy and knock the mirror of the Audi........scooter and guy wont be able to keep up lol.
  6. I have an image of you abusing the Audi guy to defend the scooter guy ....and then decking the scooter guy when he thanks you ....:)

    cheers Michael
  7. Heh, I had a scooter incident today - lovely young woman who, I initially thought must have a real challenge folding her wings into her jacket, pulls up beside me at the lights (hook turn Elizibeth into Lonsdale), I say hello, she says "GET F#@$ED", I nearly fell off the bike where I stood...
  8. wow...

    @Bluefreak: i think that is why society is in such a state... nobody is nice anymore... I hope you learnt your lesson :D . Scooter pilots are not riders and should be treated with contempt & disdain until proven they actually have some brains and are worth the air they breathe :D
  9. haha - oxygen thiefs
  10. But she was mighty purdy - nothing a bit of duct tape wouldn't temporarily fix... 8-[
  11. Rule # 1. Scooter rider comes any where near you... Kick them.
    Rules # 2. See rule # 1.
  12. Hey man, some people would pay good money to have a purdy young woman swearing at you - I'm sure there's a fetish for it somewhere out there.
  13. The swearing is free - it's the steaming turd on your chest that costs money...
  14. To which you naturally responded "I normally get dinner and a movie first... but this time I'll make an exeption"? Or if you were feeling a bit nasty, "Sorry, I prefer women". If you're lucky enough to get an indignant "I am a woman!" you can follow up with: "Cute women". :)
  15. bwaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha GOLD! "hello" :) "GET F*UCKED!" :furious::soapbox: bwahahahaha :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  16. :-s I figured she'd fallen victim to a 'girl I see every day' thread on NR :cheeky:
  17. hehehe nice :p

    poor snobby woman. she could be having awesome se....... i mean, conversation, with you right now!
  18. *backpeddles furiously* Sheesh, I'm a married man... :rofl:
  19. CONVERSATION! bwahahaha :rofl:
  20. I thought it was common knowledge that a man can't converse with a purdy woman without undressing her mentally 8-[