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How quickly does Google catalog NR

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Just wondering how quickly Google catalog's Netrider...

    Here's a special word: kjiklop

    As of 12:51am, there are NO GOOGLE hits with that word...

  2. Previous thread under the same title locked, asking the same question again, what's going on Rob-man?
  3. possibly exploring option for saving netrider resources on searching?
    netrider toolbar searchbox?

    would be easy

    http://www.google.com.au/search?&q=<search query string>

    but as the previous thread said, would not be a complete solution as i dont believe that it will index private forum sections
  4. he got told to post it in off topic as google bots dont catalogue site discussion

    carribean bewwbies
  5. Did you mean "kiklop"?
  6. Es has it.

    Ktulu, no I meant a word that does not yet appear in Google...

    I had to put in quite a few combinations of letters to find one that wasn't yet indexed in google. It seems that it'll catalog whatever it finds.

    Anyway, while we're waiting :-w for google, what motorcycling thing could a kjiklop be? Is the k silent or does the j sound like the spanish 'h'? or both? ...does anyone care? (Probably no! :LOL:)

    As for a definition... I dunno... a kjiklop could be the act of driving by a speed camera at greater than the posted limit while obscuring the the licence plate by an extended foot.

    Anyway, carry on...
  7. But that would be a verb, Kjiklop sounds more like it should be a noun.
    Maybe a name for people who don't own a motorcycle - but want one?

    If we can come up with a definition the next challenge would be to use it often enough to get it included in the Macquarie dictionary - just to prove how stupid their system is for including words ;).
  8. I think we will see it in 1 weeks time... could be quicker but thats my bet
  9. It sounds very Dutch/Afrikaans to me.
  10. Hmm, in the Slavic languages, the 'j' is pronounced as a 'y' .... so maybe a kjiklop is what happens to your carpet when you leave the plug out of the tank of your portable aircon?
  11. Glamour shots are currently showing up as #6 hit on "Rob Salvatore" - that happened very quickly, within a day or so, althogh the bots index gizmag several times daily.

    I'd be surprised if it takes more than a day or two.
  12. Yeah I know. I had just googled kjiklop and the "Did you mean..." was what it said :)
  13. Hehe. Your trying to do a reverse googlewhackblat!

    It takes a few days and a fair few hits on the particular thread title. My thread about valve shim thingyos for the VTR250 (which uses screw adjusters) is displayed when I do a global search for T.Depta.
  14. [​IMG]

    :grin: [/img]
  15. I just googled kjiklop and it returned no results. :?
  16. Him no worky for me either...

    Does the site use google internally as an add-on search provider?
    Perhaps that is how they got a a successful search?
    or then again - perhaps they were just trying to be helpful???:D

  17. goz cheated... he clicked "add a result" - its personalised for him :p
  18. I spose goz is a nerd and thought that was funny? ;)

    Still no love...