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How quickly do unused tyres go 'off'?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bravus, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Looking (very tentatively) at a bike that's been stored unridden for 2 years. Am I most likely immediately up for new rubber both ends?

  2. really depends on a number of things.
    mostly storage conditions etc.
    take it for a gentle spin, a dried old tyre will feel chalky. it will also be evident after a k or so, as the tyre will start to show hairline cracks.
    2 years isnt really a LONG time, but care should be taken to investigate the integrity of the rubber :)
  3. 2 years, probably has flat spots. If the tyres were fairly new when it was put away, they will probably come good.
    I'd be happy with them if you didn't get any vibrations, and they didn't have any crazing in the sidewalls or in the tread of the tyres.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. They wont be at the peak of stickiness that's for sure, but so long as you treat it accordingly you will be fine.

    At least you'll get good milage out of them :D
  5. shell be right
  6. depends on what type of tyres they were in the first place. but generally they won't be too bad, but not ideal.
  7. Thanx all - I'll not rule the bike out on the grounds I'd have to re-tire, then... ;)
  8. depends what bike -- and how you plan on riding it too.

    Personally i would be changing rubbers after 2 years storage. If the bike was anywhere BUT a consistently cool, moderate humidity place with no direct sunlight, then maybe they would be okay ('cept for flatspots). Call me paranoid, but although Im not the fastest kid on the block I would have little confidence in the tyres with regards to my riding style.
  9. Can you tell by the look of them like the colour or hot soft they are when you touch them?