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how possible is it to change bodykit to a CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by cheston3, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. I am just wondering those CBR250RR sold by sumoto, the RCV 22 ones.. What is RCV 22.. i only managed to find online that there are selling MC 22 bodykit.


    and keep me thinking, how hard is it to change the original fairing/bodykit to this MC22 bodykit. Is there any expert that can guide me through? what is the different with the RCV 22 and MC 22? How much time and tools needed to do the change for some techinical idiot like me to do it? thanks for all input.. i know i might heading at the wrong direction but just need someone to guide me to the right path. hehe
  2. from memory, by the time you get it painted you're looking at ~$2500. My guess would be that its pretty easy to fit, should all just bolt straight up.
  3. actually i like it white.. :p thinking of getting white rims to go with it with RR stickers like those in the pictures. throw in a couple of white helmets too. Is there any cheaper place that i can get this bodykit? hehe

  4. Does it actually come painted white?? I would have thought it would just come in primer, or perhaps not even painted at all.
  5. MC22 is just the model number given to CBR250's made between 1990-'99. RCV refers to the Honda moto gp bike. So I'm guessing RCV 22 would be a moto gp replica body kit designed for an MC22 CBR.

    Tyga make alot of these RCV replica bodykits. I'm pretty sure they sell ones for NSR 150/250 and some of their other <600cc bikes

    I havn't fitted any bodykits before, but if its been designed for that bike then you shouldn't have any trouble at all. If you can take the old fairings off without dramas then you should be able to put the new ones on. The hardest thing you might come up with is mounting the new headlight and instrument stay. But that should be a matter of replacing old stuff too, bolts etc.

    Those kits look great on the bikes, but cost alot :(
  6. Don't paint the wheels white. They will show all the dirt, keep them black it will look better. Too much of one colour is bad. The body kit looks awesome! I saw one last year, not sure if it was the CBR250RR or the 400cc version Sumoto do.
  7. it does not fit perfectly, you'll have to adjust the frame, grind, cut, grind, cut.